5 Main Challenges During Data Center Migration

5 Main Challenges During Data Center Migration

Data Center migration is crucial for organizations looking to meet the increasing demands of IT/data services. But, this process comes with its own set of difficulties or challenges. Thus, it would be learned to step carefully and evaluate both the core requirements and challenges that usually come during Data Center migration. Data Center migration includes moving a part or the entire IT operation of an organization from the existing Data Center to another (either virtually or physically).


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Here are the 5 basic & major challenges during successful Data Center migration:

  1. Service Provider Credentials

Before speeding into a collaboration with a Data Center migration provider, it is necessary to assess the service providers business; what is their track record of implementing Data Center services as well as maintaining Colocation Data Centers; do they work by purchasing the Data Center services from multiple providers; what are the terms and conditions. Normally, if a provider leases services instead of having their facilities, it can be reliably said that it will not allow stability or efficiency in delivering the crucial IT needs for a digital company.

Hence, doing a short research ahead of the Data Center migration about the provider accommodates evaluate the quality of services of the provider.

  1. Customer Service

Outstanding customer service remains a high priority. Providers that have built a reliable track record of their services in the market have done by delivering actionable IT/data solutions and by assisting to the secondary or minor problems and concerns faced by their customers. The services of qualified & expert providers go along with on-demand expert support with less wait time. Also, a considered provider can meet all the business requirements and expectations as when it is required. Thus, organizations should always try to think deeper to obtain information about the customer service of a provider before picking one for Data Center Migration.

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  1. Data Center Location

The location of a service provider’s Data Center is a significant factor for the coming operations of an organization. A provider guarantees to deliver all the essential requirements of a business today, but in the future, they may halt from that commitment. For example, if a provider takes over a different Data Center provider’s location, there are possibilities that the Data Center facilities may drop within the vicinity of each other. As a consequence, the service provider may think it’s worthless to have various Data Centers situated closely and may close some preferred locations. This can become a huge difficulty if an organization’s location is in the phase-out location. Thus, to avoid such unpleasant situations, it’s sufficient to pick a provider with its own facilities positioned strategically.

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  1. Service Bundling

Clients can hugely feel relaxed from Data Center providers that offer access to facility resources and network connectivity to the end-users. But it is true not all providers can perform this. Providers who don’t have their own locations, facilities, and operations generally collaborate with third-party providers or such platforms. Data Center Migration shouldn’t affect an organization’s operations. Otherwise, it may conclude a condition where the clients will have to make adjustments with two distinct providers that may no longer be ready to provide continuous and efficient services.



  1. Reliability

It is one of the most significant factors while considering a Data Center migration is reliability. To ensure reliability, concerned person has to evaluate the HVAC features, the security systems, availability and up-time, OPEX, and other such measures. It would be smart to select a provider with a track record of the least number of service outages because a service outage can be a costly affair. Also, while selecting a provider, one should review if it is a certified Data Center that gives cost-efficient, stable, and state-of-the-art services.



These are the 5 main areas where organizations can face various challenges while deciding on a Data Center migration. However, they can be easily solved if approached with an apt caution and risk-assessment approach executed by Damia Global Services.


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