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Extra-Low Voltage System: ELV System for Buildings stands for Mechanical and Electrical. ELV deployed in residential and commercial networks for better control and security.

Extra-Low Voltage is the voltage of the electricity supply being in a range that is low enough that it does not take any high risk of any high voltage electrical shock. Extra-Low Voltage is alternating current not more than 50 V AC and direct current not exceeding 120 V DC. This is founded on the measures as per EN 61558 or BS 7671.

That’s why Extra-Low Voltage Systems are any electrical systems that can work on a low voltage. An extra-Low Voltage (SELV) system is an alternating current of up to 50 V and voltage up to 120 V. that is electrically separated from other circuits that carry higher voltages, separated from the planet and the protective planet conductors of other circuits.

Running equipment must be connected to an extra-low voltage with secure isolation from other electrical circuits.

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Components of ELV Systems

A closed-circuit television system, also generally known as CCTV, is created up of a network of cameras and recording systems that are connected. This system is classified as a ‘closed’ system as the system works independently. A CCTV system is a useful way to observe and secure any sensitive area.
Cameras can be attached either wired or wireless to a CCTV system. CCTVs are an effective deterrence to any threats or areas that need constant offsite monitoring.
CCTV cameras are the positioning of the camera, to ensure that the camera can observe the required area in its scope of view as well as the clearness of the video footage. To ensure the usability of the footage if necessary.

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