Why Every Business Necessitates Fire Protection?

Why Every Business Necessitates Fire Protection?

Every business should install the best fire protection services and conduct training programs to ensure the safety of their employees. Every employer must be aware of the benefits of the best fire safety products. We have a variety of fire safety resources available on our website to meet your building & your staff safety requirements.

Check out the following fire products & services:

  1. Fire Extinguisher
  2. Fire Cabinets
  3. Fire Sprinklers
  4. Fire Hydrant System

At Damia Global Services, our technicians have a certificate CFI-I in fire protection inspection and testing from NFPA (National fire protection association) India. We are India’s number one provider of the best fire safety solutions. We are manufacturers and suppliers of fire inspection services, installation services, repair & maintenance services, fire extinguishers, and many more.

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Make a Fire Safety Plan

In the unfavorable situation of a fire at your business facility, you require to make sure you have a definite evacuation plan for the place or facility area. You also require to make sure your staff members are informed of this plan and can help organization visitors navigate to exit points during a fire situation.

Firstly, you should choose a fire guardian. Choose a team member who will remain cool and calm in emergencies. The fire guard must be trained and remembers all the areas or locations of your fire protection devices installed at the facility.

After that, the next step is to create an evacuation plan so that it will be delivered to fire security staff. Select a gathering point that is safe and is placed at some distance from the building that is free from combustible materials. Then, decide a second muster point in case the former location is compromised during an emergency.

Make sure each staff member is informed about the exit ways and ensure that emergency and exit lighting systems at the facility are maintained.

The most important part of an effective evacuation plan is the ability to hold your team members calm & relaxed during a fire emergency. If you will conduct regular drills, your staff will become capable to identify the plan of action while an emergency.

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At DGS, we work to provide quality fire protection services to local, state & national communities. Our motive is to reduce or avoid the damage or loss caused by fire accidents and help businesses to continue their operations with minimum disturbance.

If you operate a business, get in contact with us for the best fire equipment & maintenance services in India. We make sure your every fire safety equipment works.

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