Possible Winter Fire Accidents

Possible Winter Fire Accidents

At Damia Global Services, we know that fire protection is necessary all year round. Every season, the risks vary. Now, winters have started. So, it’s better to make sure you take a short glimpse at possible winter fire possibilities to keep your home or business safe. 

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Find out the following types of hazards to prevent any fire accidents in your place. 


 A fireplace always carries a risk. Make sure there is a grate in front of an open fireplace. It is suggested 

  1. Not to stand close to it.
  2. Don’t dry your clothes too near to the fire. 
  3. Make sure your fireplace is not on when you’re leaving the building.

Portable Heaters 

 Space heaters are one of the biggest winter fire hazards. Improper usage and lack of maintenance expose people to fire risks. While using a portable heater, it should be plugged into the wall properly. This will help you to prevent overloads on any circuit that often happen when fans and heaters are plugged into extension cords or the powerboards that are not according to your appliance. 

DGS suggests you not leave the heater ON when nobody is using it. Keep it in an area that is far away from flammable materials. Teach your employees and other staff members about portable heating and the risks related to it. Make it an essential part of your office fire safety plan. Even you can contact Damia Global Services team of experts and call us to inspect your portable appliance to ensure that your heaters are working safely.

Electric Blankets 

You should replace your electric blanket if you are using it for more than five years. They can harm you and have catastrophic effects when they don’t work properly. It is recommended to purchase a new blanket from a brand to ensure its quality and replacement requirements. 

Kitchen Accidents 

Kitchen fires are the most prevalent reason for the cause of emergency fire services all around India. The demand for hot food rises in the season of winter whether you’re a domestic cook or running a commercial kitchen. To lessen the winter fire accidents in your cooking area, install a working fire blanket and maintain it from DGS and learn other facts to

combat kitchen fire accidents.

Heating Equipment

Mechanical equipment, furnaces, boilers, and radiators remain at the risk of overheating and can lead to a massive fire accident.

% of fire mishaps happened due to heating equipment.

  • 14% of fires in manufacturing or industrial places
  • 11% of fires in office properties
  • 9% of fires in restaurants
  • 5% of fires in the healthcare arena

Electrical & Lighting Equipment

Today every building has electrical wiring behind the wall for power and light. Sadly, electricity bears an inherent fire risk. Overloaded circuits, loose connections, defective wiring, faulty fuses, imbalanced electrical loads, and many other lighting or electrical problems lead to sparks or overheating that ignite a fire and turn in massive fire accidents.

% of fire mishaps happened due to electrical & lighting equipment.

  • 12% of fires in an official area
  • 10% of fires in mercantile 
  • 9% of fires in restaurants
  • 5% of fires in healthcare property

Smoking Materials

Cigarettes, Lighted cigars, and other smoking materials can ignite fires if disposed of carelessly. Thus, smoking materials are one of the topmost common causes of industrial or commercial fires.

% of fire mishaps happened due to smoking materials.

  • 9% of fires in an office area
  • 7% of fires in restaurants
  • 5% of fires in the healthcare area

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