Simplify Your Network Transformation

Simplify Your Network Transformation

DGS-To Simplify your Network Transformation

The business world is seeing an unparalleled transformation as organizations across verticals are excited to encompass new technologies. Cloud, Analytics, Automation, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are some major efficiencies that are empowering enterprises to provide a top-tier experience to clients. As every organization now are extremely reliant on these emerging technologies to attain organizational excellence, one must accept that all cutting-edge technologies need an intelligent and robust network. Numerous factors are radically redefining the methods of new-age networks’ work and function. The rise of new global trends and various new technology trends have compelled organizations to demand extra from networks. 

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How Global Business Trends leads to elevated demands from Networks

  1. Hyper-connected Enterprises:

Global corporations rely on multiple connections for geographically distributed processes, people, and devices in this much techno-advanced digital age. Also, the growing requirement of hybrid and multi-cloud has forced global enterprises to become hyper-connected. For those hyper-connected enterprises, a scalable network is pretty significant to convey top-tier services to clients across the globe through digital technologies.

  • Digital Business Transformation:

 Organizations globally are seeing to leverage Cloud-native technologies such as mobility, analytics, IoT, ML, and AI to renew and generate new processes, services, and models for creating new revenue streams. An intelligent & adaptable network can promptly adjust according to emerging requirements, aiding seamless transformation.

  • Automation and Robotics:

Numerous enterprises rely on Automation, Robotics, and Robotic Process Automation to enhance the quality of services, customer satisfaction score, and operational efficiency. The advantage of Automation and Robotics in the coming years will continue to surge as organizations are looking to increase quality, customer satisfaction, workforce productivity, and many more. This is even more appropriate than ever in the pandemic era. As process automation is mission-critical and time-sensitive, businesses will require round-the-clock availability and safety from their distributed networks as even a minor mistake in network availability or reliability can potentially hinder the process flow and influence overall efficiencies and customer satisfaction negatively.

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DGS-Technology Trends powering fundamental Network Transformation


  1. Modularized Applications and distributed across Clouds:

  Hybrid Cloud and micro services have gained massive influence across business verticals. Maximum number of software applications have been updated and distributed across network edge and public Clouds. To strengthen applications across such a distributed landscape, the network requires to modify fundamentally. There is a requirement for Networks to be seamless, agile, responsive, and secure to changing application landscapes.

  • M2M and IoT integration with mainstream Networks:

The exponential growth in the number of IoT devices worldwide is depicting the call for smart Machine-to-Machine communication. This implies the network must capably present connectivity to all the IoT devices and integrate them smartly with mainstream networks.

  • Pervasive Mobility:

 There is a necessity for a robust network to enable users to access applications on Cloud no matter anywhere is data center and anywhere is user access. Mobile users will continue to rise in the coming years and they would require round-the-clock high-performance connectivity to access applications on Cloud from private devices over Wi-Fi or 4G networks. Consequently, to cater to this quickly increasing mobile population, it makes necessary to strengthen the Edge connectivity to these vast distinct, and distributed user bases. Edge Transformation is predicted to be the following big wave in the Networking space. 

  • Immersive video experience:

User experience has become the core stage in the digital era, therefore businesses are interested to make the video experience more immersive. They have begun leveraging the potential of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, digital media technologies, and immersive 3D environments to assure a top-tier experience. This is putting greater needs on business networks as video experience is reliant on low-latency and high availability infrastructure. Moreover, industries also want their networks to implement end-to-end bandwidth and dynamic performance controls to additionally make the experience more enriching.

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Dynamic & advanced network architecture and design for Intelligent Network Services

In acknowledgment of rising trends and the fast-changing IT infrastructure, businesses need to rethink network architecture and design strategies to manage digital transformation. It is pretty crucial to align network capabilities with the developing business requirements and modern topologies. 

In this regard, Intelligent Network Services supports the following:

  • Assists the fast-changing users, devices, applications, and services and unites them wisely for the top-tier user and best application experience.
  • Continuous connection between distributed IT assets and applications in a DC and hybrid multi-cloud environment.
  • Support Software and other functionalities to control rather than physical access and distributed policy control.
  • Strengthen the cutting-edge technologies and algorithms to collect, assimilate, analyze, and visualize networking information in real-time for better control and visibility.


The changing business and technology trends have made it a necessity for businesses to enable their network with built-in intelligence. This requires fundamental network transformation and re-architecting from the ground up, to accommodate developing DC and Cloud landscape, distributed/mission-critical applications, and network orchestration needs.

Damia Global Services, being a strategic network transformation partner always helps the customers transform their network into a robust and intelligent asset. They offer Intelligent Network Services which involve Software-defined WAN, Cloud-ready Networks, and centralized Network Managed Services, to stimulate your digital transformation with the robust infrastructure of a secure, fast, and future-ready network.

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