Tips to Install Cost-effective Data Center Transformation

Tips to Install Cost-effective Data Center Transformation

In the modern digital world, data centers have become nerve centers of organizations. Its performance and efficiency are important players in the success of an organization. The difficulties for technology administrators have been arriving at cost-effective Data Center solutions that are providing value without compromising on vital features. By utilizing the available area for Data Center scaling could be a cost-saving method for the organization. Extensive planning includes designing a cost-effective Data Center with optimum performance and huge ROI in the long run. Contact Damia Global Services if your company is planning for a 

cost-effective Data Center Transformation.


Try to utilize below given Top 3 measures to Install Cost-effective Data Center Transformation: 

  1. Disaggregated architecture

We often imagine a Data Center like the one with brackets of servers, glittering and buzzing away. What happens when one of the server modules gets corrupted? Will you replace the entire server? It will be more sensible if you upgrade or replace the equipment to obtain lower downtime. It would be economical & cost-effective. A High-Performance Compute (HPC), the disaggregated architecture allows this advantage. An intelligent HPC architecture can help you to modify your Data Center. Thus, it also helps you ascertain notable savings in the long term.

 Design computing and power management are some of the key functions that help in planning for a Data Center transformation or development. After using them effectively would really result in cost saving. 

Electronic design automation can reduce the design cycle for the Data Center architecture, which lessens the time to market. Additionally, with disaggregated architecture suggested by DGS, physical operations become more cost-effective than workloads running on the cloud. A comparative cost saving of upwards of 60% can be achieved.

A huge cost is involved in utilizing traditional data centers that are using power architectures with constraints. On the other side, modern Data Centers utilize low power consuming servers and effective cooling systems. Thus, it lessens the cost and involves the effective use of higher power whereas, a desegregated architecture can additionally bring down the operating costs of a Data Center.

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  1. Micro-Data Centers

The modern business world relies on factors such as speed, scalability, and reliability. These factors help in operating and in optimizing by using the appropriate technology. If the costs are not managed properly, it can put stress on the organization. Then the next question arises i.e.  

Is the desired ROI obtainable? 

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The convenience of Micro-Data Centers that are positioned closer to the points of consumption can lessen latency and cost both for the remote Data Center and cloud. As compared to traditional Data Centers, the micro-architecture can decrease up to 42% of the capital expenditure. 

Data Centers created with technologies like compaction, virtualization, and hyper-convergence from Damia Global Services result in notable cost savings. Virtualization enables an organization to use the computing power across workloads in a Data Center, saving space, compaction consolidating multiple racks into one, saving power. On the above of all, hyper-convergence combines networking, high-performance storage, and high-performance computing.  

  1. Power provisioning

It is estimated that Global Data Centers utilize 3% of the total electricity in the world. It amounts to approximately 416 terawatts. By 2025, it is said that Data Centers would consume a fifth of the world power. No surprise, power is a primary concern when it comes to Data Centers, and power-saving rules bring cost advantages for an organization. Power provisioning can be utilized to optimize Data Center power consumption by learning how power is consumed by servers, equipment and workloads, and optimizing it.

Power supplies have a delightful spot, the level at which high operational competencies can be obtained. However, most Data Centers operate beneath this level. The causes why organizations could be limited in using full power is the careful measure of average and peak power consumption provided on the nameplate of a power supply device. However, it is necessary to understand that if the Data Center is operating below the desired point, it could be a wastage of energy, and this wasted energy would additionally raise the requirement for cooling. Utilizing accurate power supplies, operating Data Centers at optimum load, and amortizing power across servers can bring cost-savings and efficiency.


Data Center transformation (cost-effective) can be obtained through fast deployment, optimized power consumption, and effective architecture. Businesses can utilize these top 3 measures while updating their Data Centers for attaining long-term gains.

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