Top 10 Fire Safety Rules To Ensure Your Building Safe

Top 10 Fire Safety Rules To Ensure Your Building Safe

Fire safety is the collection of practices proposed to reduce the destruction caused by fire. Fire safety measures include the measures to prevent the ignition of an uncontrolled fire and are used to restrict the fire after it starts.

Fire safety is a major concern in designing a building. Unfortunately, it is overlooked. Usually, a fire hazard causes huge destruction and takes away precious thousands of lives.

Fire Safety Equipment

Common fire hazards

Improper use and poor maintenance of fire safety norms often create fire hazards that are mentioned below:

  • Kitchen fires from unattended cooking, grease fires/chip pan fires
  • Electrical systems that are overloaded, poorly maintained or defective
  • Combustible storage areas with insufficient protection
  • Combustibles near equipment that generates heat, flame, or sparks
  • Candles and other open flames
  • Smoking (Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, lighters, etc.)
  • Equipment that generates heat and utilizes combustible materials
  • Flammable liquids and aerosols
  • Flammable solvents (and rags soaked with solvent) placed in enclosed trash cans
  • Fireplace chimneys not properly or regularly cleaned
  • Cooking appliances – stoves, ovens
  • Heating appliances – fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, furnaces, boilers, portable heaters, solid fuels
  • Household appliances – clothes dryers, curling irons, hairdryers, refrigerators, freezers, boilers
  • Chimneys that concentrate creosote
  • Electrical wiring in poor condition
  • Leaking/ defective batteries
  • Personal ignition sources – matches, lighters
  • Electronic and electrical equipment
  • Exterior cooking equipment – barbecue

Below is a Damia Global Services checklist to assess fire safety measures in your building.

  • Suitable escape plan

The first rule of fire management needs satisfactory escape ways out of the building, in accordance with its scale and occupancy. According to National Building Code (NBC) 2005, the number, size, and location of exits are specified, a comprehensive set of guidelines for constructing, maintaining, and operating buildings of all kinds. Additionally, building owners must assure that stairwells, staircases, and corridors are well-maintained, ventilated, and free of restrictions so that they may remain effective during fire emergencies. Open spaces in buildings play a significant role in fire management. 

  • Install smoke detection systems

The initial few minutes of a fire are critical. Automatic fire alarm systems (smoke and heat detectors) are necessary components in international building codes and are particularly useful in detecting fires during times when occupancy in the building is low.

  • Maintain smoke suppression systems

Only working fire extinguishers are useful. So, it is necessary to check them regularly. Big buildings that are more difficult to access & evacuate, should always install automatic sprinkler systems from Damia Global Services. According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), a US-based non-profit body estimates that by installing automatic suppression systems in the building, 60% of the cost of damage is lowered. 

Did you know?

Once the fire took place in one of the rooms on the 18th floor of the Hotel Oberoi and it was extinguished by their sprinkler system. This shows the importance of fire safety measures in overcoming fire emergencies.

  • Regular fire drills

To prevent panic and chaos in an emergency carries great significance and is as important as being away from flames and fumes. By conducting fire drills on a regular basis makes people aware and helps them to face challenges during a fire emergency. You can call Damia Global Services Technicians in your building to ensure proper fire safety measures.

  • Ask the local fire safety measure providers to assess the safety

Fire safety experts on a nominal fee will assess your building’s level of fire safety reliably. Improper keeping of inflammable or hazardous materials, old and unstable structures, incompetent escape routes, or electricity overloads are potential reasons that turn fire into a frightened state. By Damia Global Services Expert professionals will assess each and every point to ensure your fire safety.

  • Describe clear directions to exit doors

Reaching the exit point is as vital as providing ample exits. NBC guidelines have specified the maximum distance a person should walk to access a fire exit, and the use of photo-luminescent signage to facilitate evacuation at night. Terraces are crucial for high-rise buildings where people can safely gather while fire emergencies.  

  • Matches and lighters are tools, for adults only! 

Start using child-resistant lighters only and store all lighters, matches at high, where kids are not able to reach them. Everybody should teach their children that matches and lighters are not the things for them. 

  • Use electricity safely

 If an unusual smell is coming out of the electrical appliance, unplug it instantly. Repair or replace any electrical cord that is cracked. Try to avoid moving cords under rugs and don’t tamper with your fuse box or use improper size fuses.

  • Give space heaters space

Install portable heaters and space heaters at least three feet away from anything that is prone to burn. Keep your children away from heaters always and turn them off when you are out of your home. 

  • Use flame-retardant materials 

The usage of wood, paper, and textiles material makes building highly combustible. Thus, materials that are used in the interiors can save or risk lives. So, it is advisable to use fabrics that are flame-retardant. Now, organizations mostly multinationals want these fabrics despite their high price. 


Fire presents a significant risk to businesses. Fire accidents can seriously injure, kill employees, visitors, or the general public and can damage or destroy buildings also.

 It is compulsory to ensure that you have taken the required precautions to control fire hazards within your organization or building.

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