10 Coins of Ancient Greece

Silver tetradrachm, Knossos, Crete. 2nd-1st century BCE. O: Zeus, R: Labyrinth.

A silver tetradrachm from Cos, 300-190 BCE. O: Hercules, R: Crab.

Silver tetradrachm from Macedon, 306-283 BCE. O: Nike, R: Poseidon.

Macedonian Gold Stater, 359-336 BCE. O: Apollo, R: Charioteer.

Silver stater from Aegina, 4th century BCE. O: Tortoise, R: Incuse square.

Silver Stater from Corinth, 386-307 BCE. O: Pegasus, R: Athena.

Silver decadrachm from Syracuse, Sicily, c. 400 BCE. O: Quadriga with Nike crowning a charioteer. R: Head of Arethousa with dolphins.

Athenian Silver Tetradrachm, 479-454 BCE. O: Athena. R: Owl and olive branch.

Silver tetradrachm from Eretria Euboea, c. 485 BCE. O: Cow, R: Octopus in incuse square.

Silver stater from Metapontum, 520 BCE. O: Ear of wheat, R: same incuse.