10 Famous Food Of Spain That You Must Try In 2023

10. Chorizo. A Cured Sausage with Sweet and Spicy Flavours

9. Turron. A Spanish Nougat Confection

8. Pisto. A Delightful Starter Dish

7. Patatas bravas. A Traditional Spanish Dish

6. Pollo al ajillo. A Popular Garlic Chicken Dish

5. Gambas al ajillo. Flavoursome Garlic Shrimp Dish

4. Zamburinas A La Gallega. The Best Seafood Dish in Spain

3. Paella. A Saffron-flavoured Rice Dish

2. Tortilla Espanola. The Spanish Omelette

1. Gazpacho. A Spicy Soup Cooked with Raw Veggies