10 High-Value State Quarter Errors Collectors Are Hunting For

10. 2000-P Maryland Quarter Struck On Clad Dime Planchet, PCGS MS64 $6,325

9. 1999-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar Struck On Georgia Quarter, PCGS MS64 $6,325

8. 2002-P Indiana Quarter Struck On Dime Planchet, PGCS MS64 $4,025

7. 1999-P Connecticut Quarter Struck On The End Of A Feeder Finger, NGC MS66 $3,720

6. 2009-D District Of Columbia Quarter PCGS MS66 Double Die DDR FS-801 $3,000

5. 2004-D Wisconsin Quarter PCGS MS67 Extra Leaf Low $6,000

4. 2004-D Wisconsin Quarter PCGS MS66 Extra Leaf High $2,530

3. Undated (1999-P) Statehood Quarter ANACS MS65 Double Struck Die Cap $1,265

2. 1965 SMS Washington Quarter NGC MS66 Broadstruck $400

1. 2005-P Minnesota Quarter PCGS MS67 FS-801 Extra Tree DDR-001 $275

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