Top Facts about Scarlett Johansson

1# She has the residency of both countries, American and Danish. 

2# Johansson is the great-niece of Schlamberg, who was the last person of the second world war. 

3# She was born in twines with her brother Hunter. 

4# She left her parents when she was only thirteen years old, so she was very close to her grandmother.

5# She also performed as a dancer and singer in her family by getting inspiration from Judy Garland’s iconic. 

6# As she was much interested in acting from her childhood so, she mostly makes herself cry whenever she looked into 

7# After some rejection in life, she decided to be a famous actress and started worked hard.  

8# She highly performed in small commercials and theatres before recording her debut film North in 1994. 

9# She competed with 150 actors when she got the title role in Girl with a Pearl. 

10# Scarlett is an animal lover actress who loves cats and dogs. She has a beautiful cat named “Trooper.