Top 10 facts about Ted Lasso

Sudeikis, writer and producer of Ted Lasso conveys his message by this, not too afraid of being vulnerable and facing everything with courage.

A fictional story of an American football coach inspired by different real incidents, first released on 14 August 2020.

This series won so many awards which are the Emmy award, the critics' choice television award, AFI TV program of the year, etc.

The learnings of this series are, Great Ideas Can Come from Anywhere, Set the Bar High, etc.

The main character's irritating good mood while facing an insult, which helps to boost the spirit of players.

The main motto of this series is "Ain't nobody in this room alone.”

In 3rd season, Ted Lasso's talent as friend-turned-enemy went a work.

Former captain Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) becomes Richmond's assistant coach which excites all viewers on what's next.

Lasso is dealing with his family issues off the soccer field and back in the US stated in the premiere of Ted Lasso.

With the amazing concept of Ted Lasso, the 3rd season going to be released on 15th March on Apple TV Plus.