Top 10 serving of Nikki Haley

She handles her family business before serving as a National Association of Women Business Owners appointed by President Donal Trump.

Serving as the first female and youngest 116th governor of South Carolin from 2011 to 2017, an American politician.

She served three terms in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

She becomes the second governor of Indian descent and the first female governor of Asian American heritage.

She worked on lower the taxes and voted against a proposed cigarette surtax and implement the plan for teachers' salaries and spoke about the pension of legislators.

She also won so many awards in her life and also writes some books.

She supported the LGBT community and opposed the legislation about the LGBT community.

She worked with the committee of labor, commerce, and Industry along with the Medical, Military, Public, and Municipal Affairs.

She chaired the Lexington Gala to raise funds for a local hospital which shows her respect for all people.

She also works on illegal immigration and pro-life law.