Why fire safety at the workplace is important?

Why fire safety at the workplace is important?

Fire Safety is one of the most important parts while constructing a building or a commercial. A person who is running a business is solely responsible for ensuring the safety of the workplace, employees, or other staff members while following the health and safety norms.

Fire safety should also be made a top priority no matter what kind of business you are involved with. Your working environment must comply with all building regulations to ensure the safety & security of your employees and the protection of your building.

A fire risk evaluation must regularly be carried out by the concerned person while maintaining a written record.

To carry out a fire evaluation or assessment, the following steps must be taken into consideration.

  1. Know the potential fire hazards – During assessing, make a checklist of those things that can start a fire easily & instantly.
  2. Know the people at risk – Make out a checklist of those people who are at high risk and may require help initially (disabled & old-aged).
  3. Act on the findings – Evaluate properly to reduce or remove the possible risks.
  4. Record – Maintain the record of the findings then prepare an emergency plan and provide accurate fire safety training.
  5. Review – After updating and recording findings, assessment of fire risk must be carried out regularly. It should be done by the person responsible for maintaining fire safety.

With the help of the above fire safety risk assessment steps, it can be done by the concerned person responsible for the fire safety of the business building. While assessing a fire risk of a commercial, several things have to be taken into the record to ensure that it’s accurately and thoroughly executed.

These includes:

  1. Planning out emergency routes and exits
  2. Fire detection and warning systems
  3. And the appropriate fire-fighting equipment.

It is very essential to give proper information to employees and other staff members in the workplace. There are many tips to prevent fire accidents easily.

Here are 10 tips for fire prevention in the workplace because fire safety should be taken seriously always.

  1. Turn off all electrical appliances at the end of the day 

Overheating or malfunction are some of the major issues that are often seen in electrical appliances and becomes a reason for massive fire accident in the workplace. So, it is important to ensure that all appliances are turned off at the end of each day. It will help in preventing an unfortunate fire situation at the facility.

  1. Don’t overload circuits 

Electrical circuits that are overloaded with more than the suggested capacity can cause the fuse to blow, overheat and become a huge fire accident.

  1. Report any electrical faults 

Electrical faults are one of the main reasons of fire accidents at workplace, so everyone in the environment must keep a view of any possible electrical faults because they are one of the main reasons behind the fire accidents. Immediately draw your attention to them if it is noticed that any electrical cords have been destroyed or damaged, they should be replaced right away.

  1. Free up the area of clutter 

Anything such as waste paper or trash that may easily catch the fire should keep them minimum & ensure that the area is free of clutter.

  1. Smoke only in designated smoking areas 

Make sure that the smoking materials are extinguished always and exposed safely. It should never be stored.

  1. Stay on top of machine maintenance 

To avoid overheating and friction sparks, machines should be properly and regularly checked and maintained always.

  1. Keep easy access to electrical control panels 

It should always be in mind that nothing is stored right in front of electrical control panels so that it may provide easy access to shut the system down in case of any fire emergencies.

  1. Be aware of chemicals 

Always use & store the chemicals in the workplace safely as mentioned on the labels to prevent any possible ignitions at the building.

  1. Fire extinguishers 

It is necessary to ensure that the workplace has the suitable type and number of fire extinguishers according to the size and the business corporation. It is even more important to know how to operate them properly, in case of a fire emergency.

  1. Don’t block sprinkler systems or smoke detectors 

Potential life-saving appliances such as sprinkler systems & smoke detectors play a crucial role in saving thousands of lives at the facility.

The accurate fire protection plans & policies in place are crucial in minimizing the risk of a fire. These include

  1. Marked escape routes
  2. Exits and emergency doors for a seamless evacuation.


Fire in a building, workplace, or commercial facility, loss of precious lives, and loss to property & materials can be avoided by designing fire safety equipment in line with mandatory safety regulations and relevant standards.

Try maintaining the best fire safety solutions at your facility with the help of Damia Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Practice fire measures regularly to save life & property.

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