Access Control

Access Behind Your Success!

Locate accurately, Observe sharply, Initiate quickly!

Access control is the first line of protection when it comes to the safety & security of your property. Damia Global Services provides an extensive range of security products & services to suit corporations of any size and type. We are striving hard in providing comprehensive solutions to fulfill your security needs whether it is the biometric or electronic access control system that ensures that your installed security system is well-equipped and is efficient in matching the requirements of the environment.


DGS Access Control Systems offers various types of technical solutions which enable authorized persons to carry on the activities in the desired facilities.  Depending on your access control requirements, we offer a solution to ensure the accurate monitoring of the people. We guarantee a complete professional management system within the building space with accurate working security systems

Whether it is a simple or complex organizational structure, we have a wide and rich experience in installing the best access control systems with multi-site linking for centralized monitoring experience to track and trace any possible risk to their business. DGS access control solutions such as

  1. Electronic Access Control
  2. Hosted Access Control
  3. Physical Access Control Solutions
  4. Managed Access Control
  5. Biometric Access Control

Solutions you can get with us 

Our efficient access control systems fulfill real-time security requirements and support organizations to prevent internal and external disturbances & interruptions.

1.   Electronic Access Control

Integrated Smart Solutions to Regulate Access at Your Facility.

At Damia Global Security Services, we provide the best range of electronic access control solutions to help you to face important challenges at the workplace i.e. the safety and security of your people and your property. Our electronic access control systems are well-integrated techno-advanced, flexible, and intelligent. These security advantages make us best for your enterprise.


Control access wherever you want to with an integrated electronically managed system.


Configure access control to meet the different requirements of your facility, people, and property.


Collect relevant data and create business intelligence from how people enter and exit your facility.

Safety and Security, and So Much More

Electronic access control solutions from Damia Global Services allow you to centralize your security system to manage & control every access point at your facility to create relevant data to stimulate business intelligence and insights. We provide guidance and support at every step of designing safety & security solutions.

  • Design, installation, and management consultation services
  • 24/7 access control, professional administration, and management
  • A complete detail of electronic control products and technologies
  • Permission management for employees and outside visitors
  • Automated data generation and collection
  • Flexible
  • Customizable reporting
  • Organizing employee and visitor entry & exit

Key Features of a Smart Electronic Access Control Solution

1.   Centralized Permissions and Credentials Management

Management of employees’ and visitors’ information or credentials with the help of software.

2.   Design and Installation

Planning and execution to ensure your system satisfies your present requirements and offers versatility for the future.

3.   Management and Support

We offer operational and strategic support to our clients to ensure the best protection solution while being robust and vigilant.

1.   Hosted Access Control

Integrated, Flexible Hosted Access Control

DGS Security Services provides integrated, flexible, and intelligent hosted access control solutions to control every point of entry and exit at your facility using the cloud and an easy-to-use web-based interface. You will be provided with all the features of our advanced access control solutions in a robust and easy-to-manage package. To connect premises or venues of any size, capacity, and complexity, internet-ready panels are used to offer flexible & adjustable remote management and easy configuration.


A simple web-based application credentialed and secure access control.


Build access control according to the distinctive requirement of your building and people through a single web interface.


Collect relevant data and create business intelligence from how people enter and exit your facility.

Simplify Security with a Safe Cloud-based Approach

Electronic access control solutions from DGS allow you to centralize your security system, manage every access spot at your facility, and create valuable data to drive business intelligence and insights. 

When you select a hosted solution, you obtain flexibility with the use of cloud as infrastructure.

  • Customized hosted access control solutions for every size of the business or enterprise.
  • Network multiple facilities easily
  • Regulate remote facilities online through any web browser
  • Complete access record with instant notification of critical events
  • Web browser for secure credentialed access.
  • Regulate real-time permissions
  • Visual verification from the central monitoring station.
Damia Global hosted access control solutions considerably simplify your infrastructure of security.

Hosted Electronic Access Control Components Are:

Cloud-based Permissions and Credentials Management

Precise management of employee and visitor credentials.

Door Controller

Regulates every access control device at the door.

Electronic / Wireless Locks

Secures, locks, unlocks the door.

Control Software

Security and event management, web and mobile apps, and reporting are included.

2.   Physical Access Control Solutions

Support Crucial or Unprotected Facilities

Damia Global physical access control solutions help to protect the building and other facilities from unauthorized or unofficial people, vehicles and lessen the risks of explosives or other threats. We design, supply, and install railings, fences, barricades, vaults, and other physical barriers to guard your properties.


A complete set of best physical access control solutions to meet every type of security requirement.


We provide smart & durable physical access control solutions.


Guidance and expertise to provide you with the right & best solution for your security requirements.

Support and Protect Your Premises

Physical access control solutions include a diverse collection of security devices and consolidated barricades to fulfill the access control requirement of building, plant, and other facility. We advise and assist at every stage of the process starting from design to ongoing maintenance. A comprehensive collection of physical barriers that includes fences, gates, and ports.


  • Safes, Vaults, and depositories.
  • Particular solutions for governmental organizations
  • Special solutions for commercial enterprises
  • Entry and exit solution


 Main Components of a Smart Physical Access Control Solution

1.   Physical Barriers

Doors to bollards.

2.   Door Controllers

Regulates access control devices at the door or at barriers.

3.   Electronic / Wireless Locks

Secures locks, and unlocks the door.

4.   Perimeter Detection

Solutions are based on video & sensors.

  1. Managed Access Control

A Streamlined Access Control Solution

DGS Managed access control solutions provide a centralized access control system for a building of any size or complexity and help to avoid the cost incurred on hiring and training personnel. This system allows you to concentrate on what you do best, running your project while delivering potent advantages.


Leverage the advantages of trained & expert security professionals.


  Managed access control is simple to use and maintains a security system to face challenges of any size.


An integrated solutions approach to utilize security services with the best fire and safety systems.

24/7 Management and Administration

Our managed access solutions are flexible. Its advanced features are useful in generating data to improve business intelligence and insights.

  • Guidance for design, installation, and ongoing management
  • 24/7 access professional management, control, and administration
  • Extensive menu of access control technologies and products
  • Easy & secure permissions for employees and other visitors.
  • Turn-key access control card programs
  • Comprehensive, automatic data collection, adaptable, and customizable reporting
  • With automatic software upgrades and backups

Managed Access Control Solution Components Are

Permissions and Credentials Management

Supervision of employee and visitor credentials.

Door Controller

Manages and controls every access control device at the door.

Electronic / Wireless Locks

Locks and unlocks the door.

Access Control Software

It includes security and event management, web and mobile apps, and reporting.