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Fire Alarm System is designed and installed to detect any unwanted happenings caused due to fire accidents whether it’s a small scale or a large scale. We design and install manually/automatically operated fire alarm systems according to your building requirements. We offer inspection, testing, repair, and maintenance services of addressable and conventional systems. The moment fire detection alarms sense fire, it signals and informs/alert/warn people in the residential or commercial area where fire has taken place.

When smoke alarms were on all floors, they expressed in 37% of fires and warned occupants in 15%. When smoke alarms were not on floors, they expressed in only 4% of the fires and warned occupants in only 2%. In houses that had interconnected smoke alarms, the alarms expressed in half (54%) of fires and alerted people in one-quarter (25%) of fires.

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    Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

    Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

    Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

    Addressable Fire Alarm System

    Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

    Intelligent Fire Alarm System


    Wireless Fire Alarm System

    Fire Alarm Systems Installation

    Residential Fire Alarm System

    Residential Fire Alarm System

    Damia Global Services (DGS) fire detection system works with the motto “Prevention is better than cure”.

    Thus, our fire detectors help to evacuate the residential place when any such risky situation is likely to occur more than by not only overcoming the fire accidents.

    Fire alarm systems that are adequately installed and maintained are established to save property and, more importantly, save lives. 

    Where required by applicable laws, codes, or standards for a specific occupancy, approved single- and multiple-station smoke alarms shall be installed as follows:

    • In all bedroom and guest rooms
    • Each separate dwelling sleeping area
    • On every dwelling unit, including the basement
    •In the living area or  in additional areas, required by applicable laws, codes, or standards for a specific occupancy type.

    Commercial Fire Alarm System

    Commercial Fire Alarm System

    With the help of our installed fire alarm system, you will be able to detect the fire at an early stage will help to figure out the exact location of the fire at an early stage to prevent huge loss and damage of people & property at commercial places or large spacious venues.

    All business premises must have a suitable fire detection system. It means that a fire could easily be noticed and people on the building could easily be warned.

    There are main types of fire alarm systems:

    • Conventional Fire Alarm
    • Addressable Fire Alarm
    • Wireless Fire Alarm

    Whilst the category of fire alarm you need will be specified in the fire risk assessment of your business.

    The type of fire alarm system should be the appropriate state which category standard your fire alarm systems need to meet for your site.

    Carbon Monoxide Fire Alarm Detector

    Carbon Monoxide Fire Alarm Detector

    Carbon monoxide detectors are also known as CO fire alarm detectors.It is an electronic fire detection system, used to detect fire outbreaks by determining the level of carbon monoxide present in the air. CO is a toxic gas, produced during combustion.

    Carbon monoxide fire detector systems have an electrochemical cell, which senses carbon monoxide and makes it respond more quickly.

    Various sensors set off different types:
    Biomimetic sensor: a gel changes color when it absorbs carbon monoxide, and this color change activates the alarm.

    Metal oxide semiconductor: When the silica chip’s circuitry notices carbon monoxide, it lowers the electrical resistance, and this change activates the alarm.

    Electrochemical sensor: electrodes in a chemical solution sense changes in electrical currents when they come into contact with carbon monoxide, and this change activates the alarm. 

    Multi Sensor Fire Alarm Detector

    Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm Detector

    Our multi-sensor fire alarm detector is one of the best fire alarm detectors that combine inputs from both optical and heat sensors and process them using a sophisticated algorithm built into the detector circuitry.

    It is designed in such a way that it helps to alert people in every fire situation.

    Multi-Sensors connect two sensor types within one alarm, most frequently optical smoke and heat detectors.

    As different sensors detect different kinds of smoke and heat, and therefore different types of fire, combining more than one detector in a single unit potentially makes for an improved response to real fires.

     A research group containing the Fire Industry Association, BRE, and fire detector manufacturers has now analyzed the immunity of multi-sensor detectors having smoke and heat sensors to common causes of faulty alarms, as well as to real fires.

    Manual Call Points Fire Alarm Detector

    Manual Call Points Fire Alarm Detector

    Manual Call Point (Break Glass Call Point) is a device for the manual initiation of a fire alarm. Through the use of a pull station or call point, manual fire alarm activation is made for the relevant building or zone.

    This type of manual fire alarm activation requires human intervention, unlike other automatic fire detector alarm systems.

    But Damia Global Services can make it possible for call points or pull stations to be used with automatic detection to provide the best fire alarm services effective fire detection services.

    Uses of MCP:
    Manual call points are well-utilized for manual fire alarm activation & extinguisher management in Public buildings, industrial premises, power stations, airports, train stations, office blocks etc. 

    Fire alarms are an essential part of running offices, factories, public buildings, and also in daily routine to save our life and property.

    These devices are disabled outside working hours.

    Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems 1

    Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

    This fire detection system is designed with the help of custom programming specific to each application to provide flexibility. Often installed in large and medium-sized projects & buildings.

    Smoke detectors, Heat detectors, and multi-sensor detectors allow the user to detect the fire quickly whereas our addressable gas detectors can detect gas leaks and prevent potential hazards.

    Intelligent addressable fire alarm systems are regulated with the help of the graphical monitoring and management software. Its main purpose is to prevent false alarms alerts to avoid chaos and panic-like situations.

    It is also available in 2, 4, and 8 loop versions which means large premises can be monitored from one single panel only.

    Intelligent Fire Alarm systems can incorporate a variety of devices that offer you the protection you need.

    DGS provide project management from inception to installation.

    Type of Fire Alarm Detectors

    We have a wide array of different types of best fire alarm detectors to ensure your and your property’s safety with the help of sophisticated and effective smoke detectors to simple manually operated break glass units.  The list of various fire detection systems that Damia Global Services has:

    1. Heat Fire Alarm Detectors

    Our heat detector works according to a fixed temperature basis. It will trigger an alarm if the temperature exceeds a pre-set value or it will work according to the rate of temperature change.

    Generally, heat detectors work similarly to an electrical fuse, the fire detectors contain a eutectic alloy that is heat sensitive. When a certain temperature is reached then an alloy turns from a solid to a liquid which helps to trigger the alarm.

    2. Smoke Fire Alarm Detectors

    Complete Range of Fire Alarm Service Solutions Available

    Repair and maintain the Best fire alarm system in India according to the residential & commercial requirements of addressable and conventional fire alarm systems.


    At DGS, we offer fire alarm design/build solutions with total integration capability to meet your building requirements. Project managers and computer-aided drawing (CAD) technicians will be provided to you for all your fire alarm systems installation requirements.

    By offering addressable and conventional fire alarm panels and components of Honeywell, Siemens, Mircom, and Agni, your organization will get benefit from top-of-the-line products and professional service from DGS.

    To request an estimate for a fire detection system for your building, contact us online.


    If you have a fire alarm system in your building, you will require a fixed pattern of testing and inspection of the alarm system to ensure that it is in good condition to operate and alert people about a fire emergency.

    We will inspect, repair, and help you to maintain every part of your fire detection system that includes:

    Fire Alarm System Testing, Inspection, and repair expect to help protect human beings, property, and assets. But you can’t tell if they’re fully functional just by looking at them. As with any other system, electronics and other components can degrade over time and compromise the system’s function. Dust, dirt, and other contaminants can cause trouble with smoke detectors. Vandalism, remodeling, and improper maintenance procedures can damage fire protection systems.

    With proper testing, inspection, and maintenance of the Fire Alarm system you can keep your system at optimum operating performance.

    Even if you have a fire sprinkler system and Fire alarm system installed, its primary purpose is to save the property in the building, not the human beings.

    A fire alarm system is critical to warning your building’s occupants of a fire so they have plenty of time to evacuate fastly and safely.