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Workplace Fire and Industrial Safety Training

Every Fire and Safety Course learner focuses on the science of fire and firefighting technology. They get a basic understanding of fire, hydraulics, fire prevention, firefighting tools, first-aid, communication systems, fire safety engineering along with Chemistry and Physics.

Fire safety measures are generally scheduled during the construction of establishments and can also be implemented in finished buildings.

It is also essential to educate occupants about the essence of fire safety and government rules and regulations.

Fire safety always contains part of building security.

The essential component of any workplace fire safety training is familiarizing employees with how to identify potential risks or threats.

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    All fires require three essential components to ignite:

    Heat – an origin of ignition
    Fuel – anything flammable
    Oxygen – what supports the fire


    Are you looking for a fire and industrial training course for your employees? Certain industries require occupational first aid providers present in the office building to respond to medical emergencies at work.

    Damia Global Services provides Basic industrial fire and safety training and first aid training for adults. Training can be provided at your all north India location, or at our Training Center located in Panchkula.

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    Damia Global Services provides a training program encompassing basic fire safety course, first aid that is designed specifically for the occupational first aid provider. This extremely flexible program will help employers meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and other federal and state regulatory requirements for training employees how to respond and care for medical emergencies at work.


    For companies located throughout north region, we offer training programs for up to 12 adults for each 3 months and 6 months certified course. By maximizing the student to instructor ratio in our workplace vocational training courses.

    industrial safety training

    We can ensure that each participant has enough hands-on experience with the equipment and instructional material to meet OSHA and other regulatory requirements.
    Each participant will receive a:

    • Sudden cardiac arrest
    • Basic life support care
    • Foreign body airway obstruction
    • First aid assessment
    • Caring for serious injury
    • Burns
    • Caring for sudden illness
    • Poisoning
    • Environmental emergencies
    • And more considerations and specific injuries

    Workplace Fire and Industrial Safety Training

    Once successfully passing our industrial fire safety and first ad course, the participant is certified for up to two years. Our Fire Protection Project Manager, is a MEDIC First Aid®/CPR Level 3 discuss the importance of fire safety training on ABC 24