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LED Lighting

Damia Global Services is available in providing a complete range of LED lighting products and system integration services to fulfill customers’ lighting requirements. Our LED products possess diverse types of high-efficiency drivers, commercial and industrial application lighting, and intelligent street lighting solutions. DGS LED Lighting Services include:

  • Lighting design,
  • Energy-saving planning,
  • Technical support,
  • Project control, and more.

The DGS LED smart management platform maintains the quality by improving and providing real-time monitoring. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more effectively than incandescent light bulbs. How do they work? An electrical current passes through a microchip, which illustrates the tiny light sources we call LEDs and the result is visible light. 

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LED Lighting

Industrial Lighting 

LED Street Lighting

Damia Global Services offers a comprehensive solution for street lighting that includes high reliable PSU and an integrated 3G streetlight control system. DGS has a proven platform for streetlight control and smart meter. We work to make streetlight energy management and maintenance much easier.

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High Bay lighting

The Edge Pro Series mini-size streetlight covers 25W to 60W with 2 programmable PSUs. The mini streetlight gives a unique ID and built-in tilt angle structure with a comprehensive range installation pole diameter, maximum ø75mm for post-up and ø60mm for side entry installation. Offers adjustable mounting angle (0 °, 5 °, 10 °) with side-entry and post-up installation. The Edge Pro series is suitable for parks, playgrounds, and sidewalks.

Features & Benefits :

  • Modularized design in optics, thermal dissipation, and electrical components for easy upgrade
  • Selections of light distribution and color temperature to fulfill diverse requests
  • Life span of LEDs used in the Luminaire is more than 50,000 hours at 70% light output
  • Meets 3G vibration level per ANSI C136.31-2010 and 17-grade wind pressure test
  • Die-cast aluminum provides very low copper content and high corrosive resistance
  • The integrated rotating spigot takes a diameter of up to 60mm for side entry mounting and up to 76mm for post-top mounting
  • Installation angle can be tilted by 0° and 5° with side entry mounting and -5°, 0°, 5°, and 10° with post-top mounting
  • 10KV/10KV surge protection capability for luminaires
  • wireless streetlight control is available for installation, management, and maintenance

The SLDF Fundal Series utilizes a fundamental streetlight structure and an easy exterior. Several options include glass, a safety chain, a tilt adapter, and a bi-directional adjustable visor that can be attached. The DGS streetlight control system is available to provide streetlight installation, management, and maintenance. Two dimensional 4 programmable PSU covers from 70~ 200W reduce stock. The SLDF Fundal series is appropriate for usage in parks, on the sidewalk, and on bike lanes.

Features & Benefits :

  • High efficiency optimized outdoor lighting requirement
  • Modularized design in optics, thermal dissipation, and electrical components for effortless upgrade
  • Selections of light distribution and color temperature fulfill diverse requirements
  • Life span of LEDs used in the Luminaire shall be more than 50,000 hours at 70% light output (reference LED specification)
  • Die-cast aluminum with very low copper content and high corrosive resistance
  • Meets 3G vibration level per ANSI C136.31-2010 and 17-degree wind pressure test, an optional tunable adapter can support 5˚ scale tile angle adjustment within a 90degree range
  • 6KV6KV surge protection capability for power supplies and 10KV/10KV surge protection capabilities for luminaires
  • Programmable output driver
  • Constant light output(CLO) and power on the schedule dimming control
  •  wireless streetlight control and streetlight installation management

Damia Global Services has become a new generation of integrated streetlight solutions. We offer a reliable remote smart street lighting management solution that ensures an adequate amount of light is provided when required by fostering better resources management and sustainability. We also help to save money and effort by upgrading your existing street lighting infrastructure. Thus, improves efficiency. We also help to change or convert the current distribution level network into a smart infrastructure for the future.

Main Features of a Smart Street Lighting Solution :

  •  Autonomous ON / OFF, Dimming, and Scheduling on lamp-level:

DGS provides a continuous and autonomous street lighting system, using smart scheduling algorithms, light level sensors, or motion detectors. According to the requirement, you can select pre-program schedules, plan a schedule of your own or manually manage every street lamp. Moreover, in the case of a communication system due to any of the reasons, our controllers are intelligent enough to resume the operations of the lamps autonomously and try to re-establish a live connection simultaneously.

  • Smart City Platform Integrations:

Besides managing city-specific sensors and IoT devices, DGS Smart Street Lighting Solution allows API integrations with major smart city management platforms.

  •  Cost-Effective and Fast Installations:

Damia Global Services controllers help to upgrade the current lighting system or can design new luminaries.

  • Communication Technology Agnostic:

Various communication technologies are available for controlling and managing every street light pole, such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-Cat-M1, and PLC.

  • Maintenance Scheduling:

Malfunctions or failures are notified in real-time and automatic processes that inform the team or a person responsible for maintenance about the problems with entire details, including spare parts management, necessary repairs, and GPS coordinates.

  • Grid Awareness, Optimization, and Reporting:

Damia Global Services provides a detailed map view for every street lighting panel and lighting fixture with complete information and electrical diagnostics. The system monitors an extensive array of electrical parameters such as current, voltage, active power, apparent power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy, power factor, and frequency for the whole grid and advanced analytic reports that help to understand the activity, reduces loss of energy, improve lighting procedures and increases street lighting functioning.

  • Connected lighting

Connected lighting is a system of light fixtures including sensors and is connected to a network that enables sending and receiving data. Commercial buildings are getting more intelligent and more effective every day, and one of the main technological driving forces is connected lighting. It is ideal for collecting data about a building’s conditions. It helps to track the occupancy rate, temperature, and humidity. This data helps to provide valuable insight and helps to manage the areas. Thus, allows real-time adjustments for enhanced efficiency, comfort, and safety.

A connected lighting system with LED technology can save energy up to 80 %. Generally, connected lighting systems are divided into two categories:

i) Network control

ii) Power-over-Ethernet

Damia Global Services network control lighting involves retrofitting a building’s existing light fixtures with sensors and wired or wireless controls to facilitate data collection.

It’s an easy and cost-effective way to facilitate advanced features such as occupancy tracking and daylight harvesting, which can greatly enhance space utilization and energy efficiency.

A network control system combined with LED lighting often pays back the initial investment within 18 to 24 months.

PoE lighting systems include additional upfront costs because the fixtures are more expensive. But on the contrary, the savings on installation can help to negate that. Since, PoE operates on a standard networking cable, there is no requirement to deploy a second cabling system for light and power sources.

It can be installed by IT staff or even end-users. PoE gives long-term benefits also and is ideal for new forms. This system is easy to upgrade. It means new sensor technologies can be integrated into the system when required. It is a great and long-term solution for smart & intelligent buildings.

  • Commercial Lighting

i) Pendant Light

Damia Global Services Commercial Lighting Services are providing excellent uniform illumination for walls, artwork, menu boards, product shelving, and a wide range of commercial applications.

We deliver the best lighting distribution with photometric design. Refined photometric help to enhance its efficiency and uniformity while lowering the number of luminaires required.

Features :

i) Awesome uniform wall-washing

The eloquent asymmetric optical design improves luminous efficiency and provides ultra-uniform light distribution.

ii) Wide luminaire spacing

Asymmetric photometric help to optimize the distribution of lighting by reducing the number of luminaires required.

iii) Easy To install

DGS provides consistent wall-washing without additional tilting or further adjustment.

iv) Standard power input

Covers all voltages (100-240Vac)

The downlight is a very effective optical product with an outstanding cooling system. It offers three finished colors and various cutting sizes to fit different requirements while enhancing the reflective cup’s optical design to provide the best anti-glare options.

Features :

  • Various wattages and lamp size selection
  • Enhances the reflector cup for more pleasing anti-glare specifications
  • Luminaire design that is light-weighted
  • Track Light

Damia Global Services Commercial Lighting Services are providing excellent uniform illumination for walls, artwork, menu boards, product shelving, and a wide range of commercial applications.

We deliver the best lighting distribution with photometric design. Refined photometric help to enhance its efficiency and uniformity while lowering the number of luminaires required.

Damia Global Services Outdoor floodlight Series are designed to fulfill the requirements of the billboard or signboard and architectural lighting markets. Its eloquent asymmetric optics offers the best and consistent illumination.

DGS Outdoor Series can illuminate areas up to 3 times as broad as regular floodlights and delivers extremely consistent illumination while conserving energy and decreasing installation costs.

Features :

  • Advanced optical technology
  • A leading-edge optical design.
  • Ultra-angle light distribution

DGS Outdoor floodlight delivers the required luminous efficiency and lower contrast coefficients, provides ultra-uniform light distribution, and uplifts the recognition of the object.

  • Easy installation and low maintenance

Our outdoor flood lights utilize lower power consumption and less maintenance cosy. These are easy to install also.

Damia Global Services panel light is appropriate for all types of office surroundings, and diverse installation methods can fit with various needs to build a comfortable, high-quality office environment. It helps to reduce the cost of electricity and carbon emissions by conserving 70% energy as compared to traditional T8 lamps.

Features :

  • Easy to install
  • Appropriate for commercial areas
  • Similar transparent panel with bright and comfortable light without glare
  •  Protects eyes
  • Highly-effective power supply efficiency more than 85%

Damia Global Services (DGS) is a leading name in providing the best video surveillance solutions. We have been creating state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions for more than 10 years, including IoT-based smart imaging analytics. By using comprehensive and dynamic resources, DGS has gained a huge name in the business of providing Intelligent Surveillance solutions. Our competitive solutions are enough capable of meeting a larger number of people and places. We are growing globally and started making a worldwide presence by boosting the performance.

Commercial and residential buildings, offices, and terminals are now being considered as potential locations for contamination. Chemical, Physical, and microbiological pollution have been correlated to many diseases when found in the indoor environment. Environmental and health requirements are becoming tougher to ensure good health, comfort, and sanitation.

DGS offers Indoor Air Quality Services

Our experts will access correct and up-to-date information to handle indoor air quality problems. This system will save you and your employees and confirm compliance with appropriate regulations.

Indoor Air Quality Services include:

  • Inspection of facilities and air handling systems
  • Studies on chemical, microbiological, and physical conditions
  • Diagnosis of “Sick Building Syndrome”
  • Installation of continuous monitoring systems (use of chemical sensors) with the help of the best data management solution
  • “Indoor Environmental Quality Certification” and maintenance plans
  • Legionella and drinking water assessments
  • Laboratory analysis in our accredited labs
  • Asbestos investigations
  • Inspection and management of environmental and hygienic risk areas in hospitals

Why choose Damia Global Services?

We help in reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, reducing energy costs, and legislative compliance. We are backed by a network of accredited laboratories and a global network has a complete range of local resources to help your business to run profitably after availing the benefits of pro-actively managing air quality.

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Indoor Air Quality Standards (IAQS) India


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Testing Procedure

Below are the specific points DGS always keeps in mind before proceeding to the Indoor air quality monitoring:

It is crucial to understand how to monitor, the key specifications of monitoring equipment, choosing sampling points, and many more.