Server Room is most critical area of a business building as it hold critical and highly cost equipment’s. In In a server room, data center or computer room, many traditional fire protection systems can destroy valuable property when a fire breaks out. Server rooms require non-water-based fire protection methods, which is where a fire suppression system comes as an advantage. DGS is a trusted name in North India to provide fire suppression services.



The FM-200 fire suppression system is one of the most recommended clean agent fire suppression systems in the world today. This system can reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, which allows the FM-200 agent to halt combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires before they cause any harm to your workers or major damage to your valuable assets. Not only do you provide an important layer of safety to your workers by installing the FM-200 fire suppression system, but you will also save on repair costs in the event of a fire.


FM 200 is most trusted technology used as fire suppression system and clean agent in industries. FM200® (HFC 227ea) is known chemically as Heptafluoropropane and is manufactured by Great Lakes Chemical Corporation. FM200® is a colourless gas which is liquified under pressure for storage. Like Halon 1301 it has a low toxicity level and is superpressurised with Nitrogen to 24.8bar (360psi). It rapidly extinguishes most commonly found fires through a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms. Many company are offering FM 200 suppression system in market these days.


  • Zero ozone depleting potential
  • Safe for use in occupied areas
  • Suitable for protection on a range of high value risks
  • Existing Halon/CO2 control systems can be adapted for use with FM200
  • Requires minimal storage space
  • Like Halon, no clean-up required after discharge
  • Low pressure system
  • Listed in BPFSA Code of Practice, NFPA 2001 and draft ISO
  • Listed in the US Environmental Protection
  • Agency(EPA) Significant New Alternatives(SNAP) programme for the total flooding of occupied spaces UL and FM approved as a component in approved systems


FM200 contains no bromine or chlorine and therefore has zero Ozone Depleting Potential(ODP). The impressive lifetime of FM200 is between 31 and 42 years which along with its zero ODP presents a long-term solution for fire protection requirements for each type of business industries.


FM200 has been found to be less toxic than Halon 1301, which makes it safe for use in the fully automatic mode in occupied areas.

Typically FM200 requires a design concentration of 7%, which is well below the 9% No Observable Adverse Effect Level(NOAEL) on cardiac sensitization. The NOAEL for Halon 1301 is only 5%(the same as its design concentration).


FM200 is immediately available to protect most hazards traditionally protected using Halon 1301. It is effective in the protection of data processing units, telecommunications equipment and electronic devices as well as most flammable liquids and gases.



As we all knows, Existing Halon and CO2 control systems meeting the requirements of the relevant national or international standards are ideally suited for use with FM200 and can be modified to operate as part of an FM200 fire suppression system.

Due to the differences in concentration and physical characteristics between the gases it will be necessary to change the container valve and nozzles and probably the pipework and storage containers in carrying out a retrofit of an existing system. However, due to the similarities in the equipment, changing from Halon or CO2 to FM200 can be accomplished with minimal disruption and little or no system downtime.

HFC-227ea fire suppression agent is an acceptable replacement for Halon 1301. HFC-227ea has a zero ozone depleting potential, a low global warming potential, and a short atmospheric lifetime. It is particularly useful where an environmentally acceptable agent is essential, where cleanup of other media presents a problem, where weight versus suppression potential is a factor, where an electrically nonconductive medium is needed, and where people compatibility is an overriding factor. Examples of typical applications are: Data Centers, Electrical and Electronic Equipment Rooms, Telecommunications Facilities, etc.

WHY FM-200

Life and property Safety. The FM-200 clean agent works by interrupting the fire on a molecular level, not by taking oxygen from the protected space. So it is the preferred fire suppression agent for protection of shipboard spaces where crew or other occupants may be present.

Marine Approvals. FM-200 firesuppression Systems are approved for use in marine applications such as machinery spaces and flammable liquid storage areas by major regulatory agencies.

Weight. FM-200 firesuppression Systems weigh less than either carbon dioxide or water mist systems. So they provide more fuel-efficient solutions to shipboard fire protection.

Space. FM-200 firesuppression Systems take up less space than other types of fire suppression systems. This means more room for revenue-generating cargo or is cost effective and high trusted fire suppression system ever discovered.


Waterless fire suppression system is a demand of industry to protect their valuable electronics data and critical business assets.

FM-200 is accepted and respected worldwide, with a history of protecting some of the world’s most critical and irreplaceable assets. In fact, FM-200 is in use in over one hundred thousand applications, in more than 70 nations.

Many fire suppression systems can cause major damage to – and even destroy – the very things they are supposed to protect. You’re looking to avoid damage – not cause it. You’re looking to reduce downtime – not lengthen it. You want a fire suppression system that deploys quickly and cleanly and won’t leave behind oily residue, particulate, or water. FM-200 fire suppressant stops fires fast. When you consider the potentially devastating environmental effects of an uncontrolled fire, it’s easy to see that an FM-200 system is an important part of an environmentally responsible fire suppression solution.

FM-200 systems reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage. That’s the fastest fire protection available, period. When fire is extinguished this quickly, it means less damage, lower repair costs, and an extra margin of safety for people. It also means less downtime and disruption of business.

FM-200 fire suppressant can be safely used where people are present.

In applications where space is at a premium, FM-200 fire suppression systems are the superior choice. The FM-200 agent is stored in cylinders as a liquid and pressurized with nitrogen, saving huge amounts of storage space. In fact, for the same amount of protection, FM-200 systems take up to seven times less storage space than systems based on CO2 and inert gases.

You cannot afford to settle for minimum fire protection when lives and valuable assets are at stake. There’s no substitute for genuine DuPont™ FM-200 waterless fire protection.


To continually protect your server room, your fire suppression system must be in working order at all times. DSG offers maintenance, repair, inspection and testing services and can not only ensure that your system is within local and national code compliance, but also ensure that your system will protect your life and property should a fire break out.

We use Web-based inspection reporting methods to keep track of your inspections and monitor the integrity of your system. Our inspection reports are available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can always access your latest report online, so you never have to worry about misplacing a report.

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