Is your building or commercial facility store fire prone materials. In such a case, you need a fire protection system that will protect property and life. Damia Global Services has been providing fire protection services—including installation, repair, inspection, testing, and maintenance.

The system utilizes a dry chemical extinguishing agent, which is able to suppress more fire than any other agent and meets NFPA Standard 17 for dry chemical extinguishing systems and NFPA Standard 30 for flammable and combustible liquid codes.

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    Large storage building comes under the high hazardous category and we need to ensure is safety from major fires and Dry chemical automatic fire suppression system is the best solution. It protects your storage rooms and areas of a building where flammable liquids or hazardous materials are stored. Dry chemical fire suppression systems are typically used for “total flood” applications in non-occupied areas. Dry chemical suppresses a fire by providing both rapid suppression and protection against fire re-ignition. It comes with latest technology and can be installed in every type of storage area. It is a fully automatic system and can protect your assets from fire.

    National building management Agencynotified that before storing any flammable liquids in your storage room you should install automatic dry chemical suppression system.

    Dry chemical systems are required for:

    • Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
    • High hazardous buildings


    A regular maintenance on dry chemical fire suppression systems must be conducted by qualified personnel. It should be performed at least semi-annually in accordance with fire code requirements and the manufacturer’s listed installation and maintenance manual. Dry chemical containers must be given a 6-year internal inspection and 12 year hydrostatic test.

    Dry-chemical extinguishing systems shall be installed, maintained, periodically inspected and tested in accordance with NFPA 17 and their listing and local state government guidelines.

    Fire suppression system consists of the following components to provide 24-hour protection:

    FH ACTION 800X500
    • Alarm/hooter – Lets your workers and employees know when to clear the area.
    • Detectors – The system utilizes temperature rated heat detectors in your protected area to sense when there’s a fire.
    • Pull station – In case you need to manually activate your fire protection system.
    • Nozzles and caps – Specially designed to protect your system from blockage.
    • Control Panels – Easy to install and activated by your detectors or pull stations.
    • PAC 10 and 200 cylinders –The system allows for the simultaneous actuation of 10 to 20 cylinders for maximum suppression and protection.
    • Time delay – This feature allows your exhaust fan to wind down.
    • Agent tanks – The experts at DGS can help you decide how much agent (available in a number of sizes) you need to protect your auto body shop, spray paint booth, or hazardous materials storage facility.

    If you’re ready to install a fire suppression system for your Hazardous Materials storage, or you need to have your existing system inspected or repaired, please Damia Global Services today at +917009252789! 

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