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As every facility doesn’t have the same space, requirements & challenges and fire extinguishers cannot be installed of the same size to every facility (residential or commercial).

Damia Global Services Pvt. Ltd. works with the objective to ensure your buildings are occupied with the right number and kind of fire extinguishers to meet code requirements backed up by the best fire safety services and plan of maintenance. Additionally, we also offer lease options that include

1. Service,

2. Inspection,

3. And lease-to-own plans.

By making it simpler for you according to your budget with predictable costs.

We not only inspect your extinguishers but also inspect the capability of extinguishers that can help during fire accidents or hazards.

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Fire Extinguishers and Services are tailored according to your business requirements

Damia Global Services fire extinguisher services are a crucial part of the fire safety and protection system. We work to provide the best services across India that includes

  1. Installation
  2. Inspections
  3. And maintenance to ensure safety & security of life & property.

Call us today at +917009252789 to train occupants and employees on how to respond to a fire to minimize damage and downtime and help you get back on track as quickly as possible.

With the help of Electronic Inspection Reporting technology our technicians help you to track the time of life of your fire extinguishers, so that you can remain assured they are recharged, inspected, and replaced whenever required.

  1. Scanning & Inspections of Extinguisher
  2. Extinguisher Training Classes
  3. Inspection & Replacement of Fire Extinguisher
  4. All Types of Extinguisher Available.


At DGS, we’ll help you to choose the best equipment based on the extinguishing agent, coverage area, and specific application you need. Trust our expertise to determine the best fit for you whether you need a cartridge-operated, pressure-stored extinguisher or a complementing clean agent extinguisher for specific outlets.

We will recommend you the best extinguisher type according to our years of expertise to be best suitable for your business. If needed, we can also suggest a custom-designed system also.

We install ABC multi-purpose extinguishers, Class B  extinguishers, Class D extinguishers, and extinguisher gas refilling services. To choose a right type of extinguisher is very necessary.

At DGS, extinguishers are available in various types that are suited to different environments.

Our team delivers a free site audit and survey that will help us evaluate the proper selection of the hand-operated extinguisher that makes sense for your application.


At Damia Global Services, we believe if people at your residence or business premises don’t know how to use extinguishers then the installation of this fire equipment is useless.

According to the government standards, we provide annual hands-on extinguisher training that helps in stimulating the confidence among employees & occupants to use the extinguisher, which makes them capable at fighting fires.

DGS provide extinguisher training courses teach you to the various types of portable fire fighting tools that are commonly found in the workplace.

The courses cover basic fire safety and how to accurately handle and use equipment such as extinguishers, fire hose reels, and fire blankets. This nationally recognized training course covers how various types of tools are used in emergencies.

The course includes practical use of a extinguisher on a controlled gas fire and formal examination of all participants.

  1. It will make your premises capable to combat potential fire accidents & hazards.
  2. To inspect the fire extinguishers for sake of preventative maintenance, we provide fully-trained technicians nationwide at fixed routine.
  3. To train occupants & your employees to deal with fire hazards, we provide fire extinguisher training services also.
  4. We offer (A, B, C, D, K) classes of extinguishers and agents such as water, dry chemical, CO2, Purple K, Metal-X, FE36, etc.
  5. Electronic extinguisher monitoring to reduce liability and to ensure compliance.
  1. Wide Selection of fire extinguisher types : DGS ensures that you have the right number and types of extinguishers, no matter the location or application.
  2. Proactive Service : To ensure the life of your Fire extinguisher solution, we provide expert testing, inspection, and maintenance at fixed intervals of time.
  3. Local Offices : Our fire extinguisher technicians offer consistency and provide fire services to ensure compliance with local codes and regulations.

 Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Inspection and Testing.

Like any lifesaving equipment, you should also ensure your extinguisher is operable or not at all times so it will work when you need it most. Under the guidance of Damia Global Services, your fire extinguishers can be long-lasting, reliable options for combating a fire at an early stage. According to the NFPA 10 and with proper inspection, testing, and maintenance protocols we help to ensure your extinguisher is ready.