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Fire Extinguishers Scan Services

Old, damaged, or inefficient fire extinguishers can put lives and property at risk in the case of fire accidents. Fire Safety Order to confirm that fire extinguishers within the workplace are regularly serviced so that they are kept in good repair and working demand. DGS fire extinguisher maintenance services include regular testing & servicing your fire extinguishers to ensure they are working correctly, reach their life expectancy and comply with the relevant Indian Standards.

Our experienced & skilled Fire Extinguisher Scan technicians provide services like as:

  1. Test fire extinguishers under Indian Standards
  2. If required, repair and replace equipment and their components
  3. Issues a certificate of inspection after recording all the services carried out.

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    The Fire Extinguisher inspection software is the most crucial part to tackle fire accidents.

    Do you know?

    An estimated 90% of fires are halted after using fire extinguishers before they grow and reach a much critical stage. It needs vigilant checks from the best technicians, and these checks must be administered in accordance with regulations set out by the Indian government.

    Note: We also provide a wide range of standard and comprehensive service and maintenance contracts.

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    Best Fire Extinguisher Checks, Testing, Inspection & Maintenance Services in Tricity

    Fire extinguishers are relatively simple devices to use. Fire extinguisher testing is necessary regularly, but it is also worth considering at the point of purchase, or before you make your choices.

    Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services :

    We are the most reliable supplier of fire safety equipment that deals in every brand to ensure you safety according to your budget.

    1. Damia Global
    2. ABC multi-purpose fire extinguishers
    3. Class K fire extinguishers
    4. Class D fire extinguishers
    5. Wet chemical fire extinguishers
    6. Dry chemical fire extinguishers
    7. CO2 fire extinguishers
    8. Water fire extinguishers
    9. Clean agent
    10. Automatic modular

    How Our Specialist Fire Extinguisher Testing Makes a Difference!

    Damia Global Fire Inspection Services works with proactive approaches to fire safety. The objective of every person is to install compatible fire extinguishers that will combat any fire accident.  After including inappropriate kinds of fire equipment components can make the situation more serious.

    So before you spend and install, planning is essential. We advise and inspect fire extinguishers that will surely help you face the fire severities, and you will be able to save many lives & property.

    Fire extinguishers are fairly simple devices to use. However, there are differences between them in terms of the details contained within and where they should be used. 

    fire fighting equipment

    Fire extinguisher testing is required regularly, but it is also worth considering at the point of purchase, or before you make your decision. Fire extinguishers are your first point of protection when dealing with a fire hazard.

    Trained and Professional Technicians

    DGS team of skilled technicians is incredibly experienced to ensure that their fire extinguisher service is carried out perfectly. Every staff member of our fire extinguisher scans team has the appropriate training and qualifications that have made them able to ensure compliance for many years that are coming.

    Our expert team members also notify the clients about the upcoming tests, keep you updated on new changes to legislation. This factor makes us a one-stop solution for all of your fire extinguisher inspection requirements.

    Using the wrong type of extinguisher on a fire can be more fateful. Training will ensure that employees are aware of the suitability and corresponding fire categories.

    There are a variety of fire extinguishers appropriate for different fire classes.

    Friendly and Effective Service

    We offer friendly and effective fire extinguisher tracking services to give you peace of mind and ensure fire safety.

    Our fire extinguisher inspections technicians take care of everything while testing the equipment. We ensure that every fire extinguisher is compliant according to the standard weight, signage, service tags, accessibility. It ensures that your fire extinguishers are compliant and ready.

    Fire extinguishers require visually checking each month to ensure they remain fully functional and ready to use in an emergency. Using barcodes with smartphones to record reviews dramatically reduces the time and effort required and helps organizations maintain a digital record for compliance purposes. 

    The Fire Extinguisher Inspections template facilitates recording inspections by guiding the inspector through the inspection process. 

    Secure Your Premises Today

    Are you willing to assure that your extinguishers are safe and ready to use to tackle fire risk anytime? Then contact Damia Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Our team is ready to serve you the best fire extinguisher maintenance services in India.
    You may browse our website further for other fire protection services also or contact us to learn more here check out our fire prevention tips to keep your home safe from electrical fires, grease fires, and house fires.

     Safety tips to prevent house fires


    1. Check your smoke detectors
    2. Watch your appliances
    3. Measure carbon monoxide levels
    4. Practice safe habits
    Secure Your Premises Today

    Test fire extinguisher devices at Your workplace today

    While fire extinguisher inspections, team DGS checks cracks, imperfections in the cylinder lining, or any corrosion that show the necessity for the replacement of the extinguisher.

    There are many different kinds of fire safety equipment. Each device is designed specifically to deal with the different classes of fire in a range of environments.

    Our fire safety technician will conduct a careful procedure while inspection and testing according to the current Indian standards.  Our team of fire protection equipment follows a strict checklist while evaluating the condition and work status of each & every item.

    Fully functioning techniques are vital to the safety of your business and all those working in or visiting the premises.

    If you identify any faults with the systems, any required maintenance or repairs should be carried out before you re-open in order to stay compliant with fire safety regulations.

    1. Accessibility
    2. Anti-tamper device
    3. Exterior & instruct
    4. Service tag
    5. External damage
    6. External corrosion
    7. Outlet hose assembly
    8. Pressure indicator
    9. Contents full charge
    10. Signage
    11. Support bracket
    12. Discharge nozzle
    13. Weight

    We help every business in Tricity to provide safe working environments for their employees. We provide refills for all the various classes of extinguishers. Our team members have the expertise and knowledge to get the testing done, no matter what kind of fire protection equipment is at your property.

    We provide refills of all kinds of fire extinguishers that include dry chemical powder, CO2, water, foam, and wet chemical. For the best extinguisher inspection, choose Damia Global fire extinguisher inspection services today. Get in contact today if you have any questions about your business requirements. We will help you to guard your business place with premium monthly fire extinguisher inspection

    To know how to request a fire extinguisher inspection.