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The National building codes 2016 sets the codes for necessary fire protection equipment and standards. Virtually every building, process, service, design, and installation is affected by NFPA’s 300+ codes and standards.

At Damia Global Services, our team is able to inspect and test that your building’s fire protection equipment is up to code. To schedule a visit from our team.

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    Fire Code Compliance (NOC & SCHEME APPROVAL) As per National Fire Service Act, 2009, any person proposing to construct a building to be used for any purpose other than residential purpose or a building proposed to be used for residential purpose of more than 15 meters in height, such as group housing, multistoried flats, walk up apartments, etc.

    Before the commencement of the construction, shall apply for the approval of Fire Fighting Scheme conforming to national Building Code of India, the Disaster Management Act, 2005 (53 of 2005), the Factories Act, 1948 (Act 63 of 1948) and the Punjab Factory Rules, 1952, and issue of no objection certificate on such form, along with such fee, as may be prescribed.

    fire code compliance

    If you are planning to setup any business of running existing business and want to take approval for Fire scheme or want to initiate process for fire NOC then you have to understand the complete process. Now question is how we can initiate process for fire scheme approval? Before we initiate request we should ensure that we have approved building plan from local or concerned authority, on that an experienced fire consultant will add fire safety scheme for your building as per national building code 2016 guidelines. After approval you have to install all equipment’s covered in your fire scheme approval and then you can initiate process for fire NOC.

    Damia Global Services Pvt. Ltd. is trusted name in fire engineering and have very good expertise in providing fire safety solution for each type of buildings e.g. high rise, residential and small business buildings. We provide each solution as per national building code 2016 part 4. We do have sales services which give you quality and approved fire safety equipment’s for your needs. Also DGS provides after sales services to ensure your safety equipment’s are in working condition to deal with any emergency situation.

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    Here we have taken reference from Haryana fire service site to give you brief idea, below links can give you brief idea about, what all document you have to prepare before submit your request to local fire department and what all fire code compliance you have to ensure before you go ahead for NOC approval. DGS will help you to provide complete fire consultancy at every level for your business needs.

    You should also aware about national fire building codes or you can ask for help from your fire consultant to know about it.

    Below is best example from Haryana fire service for Firefighting scheme and NOC approval and revision. Haryana fire service has revised their checklist. Below are the all-important links which give you brief idea about Haryana fire act, right to service act, approving authorities and policy of firefight scheme approval and NOC.

    Documents Required:

    Sr.  No Document Description
    1 ID Proof/Authority Letter
    2 Three set of drawings of the proposed site
    3 Fire Consultant Certificate
    4 Sanction of Building Plan
    5 Fire Questionnaire(down load and submit Manually)
    6 Check List as per N.B.C. 2005(Download and submit manually )
    7 Resolution /Authority letter regarding signatory of document
    8 Alarm/Ventilation consultant certificate