What you need to know about fire extinguishers in schools?

Schools are large and busy places, so effective fire protection requires detailed planning and preparation. And fire extinguishers in schools are a key area to focus upon. During a typical school day, unexpected fire may broke out in kitchen or in science lab. Whatever the case, you’d expect the correct type of fire extinguisher to be on hand and in fully working order.

Making sure that your school is well protected, requires consulting a reputable and third-party accredited fire safety company rather than attempting a DIY fix. Such a company will arrange an appointment to survey your school buildings and will be able to advise you on correct placement of all your extinguishers and sufficient coverage.

Let’s take a look at a couple of these environments and how you’d evaluate which fire extinguishers in schools should be installed.

1) The typical school kitchen

Most school kitchens have a cooker, a deep fat fryer, handheld appliances such as whisks and food processors and microwaves.  There is a ‘mixed risk’ environment so we would recommend a wet chemical extinguisher which can deal with cooking oil in deep fat fryers and CO2 extinguishers for electrical risks.

You will also need to ensure you have a large fire blanket which can be used for pan fires or in the (hopefully) rare event that a person’s clothing or hair catches fire.

2) The typical science block

A science block is a challenging environment with an extensive catalogue of fire risks. From chemicals to computers and not forgetting the iconic Bunsen burner – a staple of all school science blocks – this is, again, a ‘mixed risk’ environment. A powder extinguisher is required for the risks posed by gas, a CO2 extinguisher for electrical risks and a foam extinguisher for flammable liquids. Specialist extinguishers may also be required if your school lab has flammable metals present.

Don’t forget the long-term maintenance of your fire extinguishers

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