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Industrial construction deals with manufacturers, power plants, warehouses, and other highly specialized facilities. Construction cannot be limited to merely just the act or process of building construction; it can be further classified according to the types of buildings being constructed. We have a building construction, commercial construction, and industrial construction services.

It also has the design, installation, and maintenance of mechanical and structural components of these facilities.

The term “industrial” refers to any business or corporation that manufactures goods or products.

Many industrial buildings have special conveyance essentials such as 24/7 shipping and receiving, accessible nearby air or railroad transportation, or access to major highways.

The building plan for an industrial facility will revolve around floor plans that promote smooth foot traffic and focus on coordinating manufacturing and distribution.


Industrial buildings are created for functionality, not style because they require to support heavy equipment that must be made to complete industry-specific regulations. Most industrial projects go through permitting and occupancy needs to satisfy local entities. Commercial projects do the same, but larger industrial projects must complete permitting requirements that concede with local, state, and federal building codes.


Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers utilize for the storage and transportation of goods. Additional features of these facilities contain loading docks, large garage doors, and parking lots to accommodate the semi-trailers utilized for distribution.

Industrial buildings contain buildings used directly in the production of power, the manufacture of products, the mining of raw materials, and the storage of textiles, petroleum products, wood and paper products, chemicals, plastics, and metals.

Types of Industrial Buildings 

  • Bulk distribution warehouses.
  • Manufacturing buildings.
  • Cold storage buildings.
  • Data centers.
  • Flex buildings.
Types of Industrial Buildings
Manufacturing buildings and structures

Manufacturing Facility represents buildings and structures, including machinery and equipment, the initial purpose of which is or will be the manufacture of real goods or materials or the processing of such goods or materials by physical or chemical change.

Oil, mining, and shipbuilding businesses are examples of industries or corporations that use manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing buildings have a three-phase electric power supply to provide enough voltage to run the extensive machinery housed inside.

You need a partner who understands those complexities. Our specialists have experience in the pre-capital financing, planning, design, and construction of aerospace, automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and steel facilities, among others.

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