Fire Fighting Pump

Fire Fighting Pump

What is a Fire Pump ?

A fire-fighting pump is a centrifugal pump used for pumping fire-fighting water. Fire-fighting pumps can developed for transportable use for stationary use hydrants, sprinkler systems.

In high-rise structures with levels of 400–500 feet and above, fire pumps are crucial parts of the fire protection system because they use to distribute water through sprinkler systems in places where the water pressure from water mains and fire fighting equipment cannot operate. A fire pump is essential for having a fire, even in lower set buildings or structures.

More when done, fighting fires is a difficult business since it puts people’s lives and property at risk. But, without a well-designed and well-installed system and pump, it becomes even worse.

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    How do Fire Pumps Work?

    A fire pump is a crucial component of a fire sprinkler system because it gives the system access to high-pressure water and increases the water’s flow rate. It is crucial to comprehend how a fire pump operates and what it is.


    A fire pump is a component of a fire sprinkler system that draws water from a tank, lake, or reservoir and electricity or diesel fuel drive. Water is distributed by the sprinkler system and hose standpipes using the pump’s high pressure. The horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical in-line, and vertical turbine are common fire pump types.

    Jockey Pump

    The jockey pump is operating in jogging mode, which entails that it only keeps the water pressure in the fire water conduit that circles the industrial complex.

    The pipeline must maintain a water pressure of 5 to 7 kg/cm2. To monitor the pressure, pressure transmitters by the fire water pipelines. Depending on the plant concept, three or

    more transmitters install. The LOW and HIGH set points will be used to configure the pressure transmitters.


    The jockey pump begins to maintain the fire water pressure in the pipeline by the setpoint when the pressure in the fire water pipeline drops below 6kg/cm2.


    Pumps can start and stop with the LOW and HIGH settings when jockey pumps are in automatic mode.

    If pressure drops below a certain point then main pumps (electrical or diesel) will be started as per their setpoints.

    A jockey pump is a small pump attached to a fire sprinkler system to hold pressure in the sprinkler pipes. It is to ensure that if a fire-sprinkler is triggered, there will be a pressure drop, jockey pump would be activated to overcome this pressure decline. When the pressure in the fire water pipeline falls below 6 kg/cm2, the jockey pump kicks in to maintain the fire water pressure in the pipeline by the set point.

    When jockey pumps are in automatic mode, pumps can be started and stopped in line with the LOW and HIGH settings.

    Main pumps will be turned on by their set points if the pressure falls below a predetermined level.

    A jockey pump is a little pump used to maintain pressure in the sprinkler pipes of a fire sprinkler system. The purpose of this is to make sure that if a fire sprinkler is activated, there will be a pressure drop, and the jockey pump will be turned on to counteract this pressure decline.

    Hydrant Pump

    High-pressure water pumps are called fire hydrant pump systems used to boost a building’s ability to combat fires by raising the pressure in the hydrant service.

    Sprinkler Pump

    In the case of a fire, both the Fire Fighting Main Pump and Jockey Pump work in tandem to ensure enough supply of water pressure to the sprinkler system.

    Diesel Standby Pump

    Diesel Engine Driven, and Fire pumps have been used to provide water and pressure to fire protection systems as an alternate source in absence of an electrical power supply at the building.

    Multipump image

    Multi Stage Multi Outlet Pump

    Multi Stage Multi Outlet pumps have many benefits such as a fewer number of pumps, power saving, and also significant area saving. These pumps are available to meet specifications for automatic sprinkler protection in high-rise and multiple-story buildings.

    Vertical Turbine Pump

    Various fire pumps use in fire protection systems. Vertical turbine pumps use where space limitation is there for the fire pump room. These pumps may be powered by an electric motor or diesel engine and powered by a steam turbine.

    Fire Pumps in Your Building

    A fire pump is critical fire or life-safety equipment in many buildings. There are many conditions and elements to consider before the installation. Whether you require smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or an automatic sprinkler system installed for your commercial belongings, Damia Global Services has covered and protected people and properties from fire damage since 2016—and our experience show in our excellent work! We know for our wonderful customer service, expertise, and reliability. For more information on how we can support your residential or commercial property, stay us online or WhatsApp us!