Electrical services

Electrical Services

Electrical services refer to that deals with electrical systems, It can be residential electrical systems, business or commercial, school, and establishment other institutions, etc.

Electrical service is a service that deals with electrical procedures, It can be residential electrical systems, corporation or commercial, school, and other institutions, etc.

To execute any electrical task we require skilled electricians who are experts to carry out and fix electrical-related issues with safety.

To perform any electrical task we need skilled electricians who are professionals to carry out and fix electrical-related issues with safety. Electrical service is used for all types of work that are associated with a system that operates with electricity.

They have one of the best electricians who are certified and are experienced in undertaking any kind of electrical assignment whether for residential or commercial purposes. You will satisfaction after seeing their work.
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Electrical Services

Electricity is one of the main origins of energy. Electricity is the most consumed source of energy on the earth. You’ll see that all of the houses, industries, or establishments will be connected to the electrical grid within your area. The companies who manage the electrical connections in multiple regions in the earth are very serious about what they do because of the essence of electricity. It will very essential that when you are building your house or, your commercial premises, you ensure that the electrical connections have been done appropriately. The use of electricity every day is beneficial in every field. However, electricity can also be very risky if it is not controlled in the right method. In many of the regions, the electrical connections have to be managed in a certain way. The best way in your case, you have an electrical connection assignment to be done or, electrical repairs, you have to think about doing it in the best way possible and also it will be by hiring, electrical companies.
When you decide to perform with professional electricians, you will be helping yourself in the way to get the best services. The amount of money you have to pay to professional electricians will be higher than regular electricians because they give you better services. You will be able to enjoy the following benefits.


Damia Global Services Pvt. Ltd. is a fully integrated organization for the successful execution of EPC contracts in the power transmission line segment.

We work with 100% expertise and sufficient infrastructure for the commissioning of lines ranging from 132 KV to 1200 KV.

Our name occupies a distinguished name among all those few companies that possess end–to–end ability to provide turnkey sustainable construction solutions and capably to support government and private utility power missions.

Transmission Lines Construction:

DGS teams with wide experience in delivering EPC solutions on a turnkey basis. We provide a comprehensive range of services in the power transmission lines business segment.

We have an exceptional project management team for the execution of complex and challenging projects.

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Transmission Lines Construction

Our range of services includes the construction of ultra-high voltage transmission lines, rural and urban power quality improvement projects. Being an EPC contractor, we are involved in the design, testing, fabrication, galvanizing of towers on one hand and construction activities of the civil works, survey, erection and stringing, and testing and commissioning of transmission lines.

Our proven track record for the execution of projects in the different regions, terrains, and extreme weather conditions. Our expert & proficient manpower works efficiently with the latest tools, techniques to accomplish the construction activity.

Being one of the leading EPC contractors in the field of power transmission and distribution. We have fixed benchmarks in complexity, capacity, and speed of execution and through our dedicated business segments offer integrated solutions for a wide spectrum of power transmission and distribution projects.

We are in the construction of all kinds of power evacuation projects from concept to commissioning on an EPC basis with main focus areas. We are capable to deliver transmission lines from design, manufacture, supply, construction, testing to commissioning of EHV power transmission lines and turnkey solutions for the construction of microwave towers.

DGS Power Transmission & Distribution services provide integrated solutions and end-to-end services ranging from design, manufacture, supply, and construction to commissioning in the field of overhead high voltage transmission lines, and distribution projects in the domestic markets.

We are an established EPC contractor in the areas of industrial project electrification, instrumentation, and control systems including communication projects.

We offer infrastructure and industrial electrification (optic fibre cabling solutions) for complete access networks and Utility Power Distribution to enhance the quality of power, smart grids, SCADA systems, and distribution reform projects. Besides being a significant power transmission & distribution provider in the market, we hold a reputed position in India.

1. Substations


As one of India’s leading organizations in the power sector, Damia Global Services is serving high-quality Air Insulated Substations (AIS) of up to 1200 kV and Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) of up to 765 kV.

DGS extensive range of services are offering complete design and layout of substations/switchyards, selection, procurement, and timely delivery of equipment at the site, civil works, and installation, testing, and commissioning.

As India’s power sector is all ready to speed up the growth, ultra-high voltage substations are the following level of transmission in the country.

The objective of a substation is to ‘step down’ high voltage electricity from the transmission system to lower voltage electricity so it can be smoothly supplied to homes and businesses in the area through lower-voltage distribution lines.

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Transmission Lines

2. Transmission Lines

Comprehensive Solutions

From the snow-clad heights of the Himalayas to the vibrant plains and the deserts of the North West, DGS has proved its expertise to manage complex transmission line projects.

Our distinctive factors have helped us to design, manufacture and supply, to construction, testing, and commissioning of EHV power transmission lines.

We offer complete solutions for the construction of outstanding narrow base towers that occupy less space and are perfect for cities.

The lines that carry radio waves from the radio transmitter to the antenna are known as transmission lines their objective is to convey radio-frequency energy with the lowest heating and radiation loss. Heating misplacements are reduced by conductors of adequate size.

3. Power Distribution


Persistent improvements in quality of work and safety are the prime factors behind the successful endeavors of Damia Global Services.

With a substantial project management team present across the states of India, we are ready to act in front of distribution reform projects.

DGS is undertaking power quality improvement projects under various schemes launched by the Ministry of Power / State DISCOMs in India. 

Electric power distribution is the final step in the delivery of electric powerit carries electricity from the transmission system to individual customers.

Allocation transformers again lower the voltage to the utilization of the voltage utilized by lighting, industrial equipment, and household appliances.

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Power Distribution
Optical Fibre Cabling

4. Optical Fibre Cabling

Reliable Data Transmissions

Transmission of more data is required with the expansion of the business. Thus, cabling systems will also be required to expand to fulfill that rising demand. This is the situation when fiber optic cabling (either plastic or glass threads) results as an ideal solution.

With fiber optic cabling, increased safety and security, faster bandwidth over longer distances, and more reliable data transmissions are offered.

Today, fiber optic cabling is a part of a solid infrastructure for today.

Fiber Optic Cable the world of telecommunications is rapidly moving from copper wire networks to fiber optics.

Optical fiber is an extremely thin strand of pure glass which acts as a waveguide for light over long spaces. It uses a principle known as total internal reflection.

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Fibre optic cabling is considered a cost-effective cabling solution when it comes to linking the buildings. Our fibre optic cabling solutions includes:

By using fusion splicing or with various termination techniques such as hot melt, cold cure/anaerobic, crimp, and many more, we carry on-site terminations. We test by utilizing power light meters or optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) and their delivered test results remain a part of our handover documentation. Our fibre optic cabling services include:

5. Infrastructure for Renewables

Building Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

We are providing Solar PV installations effectively across all borders of India and have now become the leading name due to our EPC efficiencies.

We offer technically superior solutions and are economically viable. After gaining so much expertise in the business of Renewables (solar technologies), we offer services like design and execute solar power plants and our wide range of design and construction services includes Grid-Connected PV (Utility Scale), Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), and micro-grids and mega rooftops.

We provide complete end-to-end solutions that include economic feasibility analysis, pre-feasibility analysis, land arrangement, technical assessment, solar farm site evaluation and selection, power purchase agreements, and grid connectivity along with permits and regulatory approvals.

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Infrastructure for Renewables

Besides our well-known work for proactive and reactive (breakdown) maintenance, We offer 24×7 site surveillance support and remote monitoring system with real-time plant technician support and a well-networked communication channel with transmission/grid operators and plant owners