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It is one of the oldest but the most effective and common firefighting solutions in the industry, a well-designed and well-placed out hydrant system forms the backbone of entire fire protection system. It includes heavy duty overhead and underground pipe lines with accessories.

External hydrant valves are provided at every strategic location of the building for effective use at the time of a fire case. The fire hydrant is a pipe that allows water to flow from the water main with the control of a valve in order to put out a fire. It helps to control fire outages at every stage with the most corrective and effective solution.

A fire hydrant system is designed to fight a fire of huge sizes, in all classes of risks. It is designed to be in operation even if a part of the affected structure collapses.

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    System Components

    Dry riser and wet riser are the two kinds of fire hydrants. The wet riser fire hydrant holds a constant water supply and while dry riser fire hydrant needs to have a valve to release to let water in. Mostly dry riser hydrant is being used in hilly area where temperature is very low and water freezes in pipe lines due to low temperatures.

    Fire hydrant is designed to provide quick access to water in the event that a fire breaks out. Fire brigade connections are installed as a standalone systems which act like building specific fire hydrants providing fire protection which will be readily available to fire fighters.

    A fire-fighter attaches a fire hose to the fire hydrant and releases a valve to get water from the water main. Most fire hydrants are designed to permit not less than 250 gallons (950 liters) of water to flow through the hydrant per minute.

    Guidelines and approval for hydrant system is available from various national and international like: NBC and local fire authorities.

    Fire Hydrant System


    Designed to successfully fight large fires (particularly Class A) in commercial premises such as malls, factories and cinema halls.



    Powered by revolutionary Watermist technology, these fire fighting systems can take on any kind of fire - even fighting electric.

    1. Readily available source of Fire Fighting
    2. Quick response during the fire
    3. Self Dependency
    4. Easy to operate
    1. Buildings
    2. Large Warehouses
    3. Chemicals Industry
    4. Textile & Garment Industry
    5. Petrochemicals & Refineries
    6. Ceramics & Stone Processing
    7. Metal Processing
    8. Manufacturing Units
    1. We offer to our clients dimensionally accurate Fire Hydrant Pumps that is available at cost-effective prices. These connectors are dimensionally accurate and fit in properly to offer high pressure water stream without any leakage. Further, our range of Fire Hydrant Pumps finds wide applications for industries, commercial, residential, hospitals etc. 

    1) Jockey pump
    2) Electric pump
    3) Diesel pump


    Designing as per clients requirements
    Engineering, drawing
    Supply and installations