Complete Range of Fire Sprinkler Service Available.

Damia Global Services Fire Sprinkler Services consists of the main delivery pump, diesel engine driven pump, a jockey pump, electric control panels, sprinkler heads, and associated piping that help to save lives during fire hazards or accidents.

This system of fire safety & security is kept under continuous pressure through the automatic intermittent operation of the jockey pump. Sprinklers save lives. Well-maintained and functioning fire sprinkler systems are an essential part of a company’s overall fire safety plan.

Fire sprinklers help save lives. They discharge water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been exceeded.Automatic fire sprinklers are proving to be beneficial in saving lives for more than a century. 


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    Wet Fire Sprinkler System


    dry Fire Sprinkler System


    Preaction Fire Sprinkler System


    Deluge Fire Sprinkler System

    When the predetermined temperature exceeds after detecting the location of the fire, then our effective fire sprinkler system helps to discharge water to avoid the severe situations caused by the fire.

    Does your building have a properly designed and installed fire sprinkler system to keep you, your employees, and your assets safe?

    Contact DGS for the Maintenance and Repair of Fire Sprinkler System

    With Damia Global Services Pvt. Ltd., with the help of a well-maintained fire sprinkler system, fires can be controlled or extinguished. We specialize in the design, installation, testing, inspection, and maintenance of all types of sprinkler systems of fire available in India. Home sprinkler systems are also available to control fire that can spread quickly and may cause devastating effects.

    Various components of our fire sprinkler systems include wet, dry, preaction, deluge, ESFR, fire pumps, water storage tanks, standpipes, water mist, nitrogen generators, and more. Fire sprinkler systems maybe not be seen, but they provide protection always.

    Engineering and Consulting of Fire Sprinkler

    Engineering and Consulting of Fire Sprinkler System

    Setting ourselves apart from the competition by Damia Global Services Pvt. Ltd. offers additional fire sprinkler system services to ensure safety & security from fire accidents at your office or residential premises.

    Our extensive staff of registered & trained professional engineers and technicians are available 24*7 across India to provide the best fire safety solutions.

    Additionally, we provide 3rd party audits and inspections of sprinkler systems also. With our fire sprinkler system review and services, you can be confident that your systems are designed to protect the lives of the building’s occupants, protect your property, and pass your local fire protection jurisdiction needs. Inspection and supervision of sprinklers is required on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, and five-year basis.

    We will work with you and design a program that will meet your needs. Our experienced mechanics can handle fire protection-related emergencies of any type and magnitude.

    Installation and Design of Fire

    Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation and Design

    For the construction of commercial, retail, office, light/heavy industrial, educational, institutional, and multi-unit residential buildings, DGS provides in-house design and installation of all

    types of sprinkler systems with the help of our professional engineers of  fire alarm sprinkler monitoring system.

    Fire Alarm Sprinkler Monitoring System

    The use of fire sprinkler systems is a significant factor in reducing fire loss these days. It is widely recognized as the single most effective solution for preventing the spread of fires in the early stages, often before they cause severe injury to people and huge damage to property and lives.

    Our engineers use the latest design software including 3D modeling and have completed some of the largest projects using this technology. Fire sprinklers have long been the first line of protection against structural fires according to the NFPA 


    DGS provides customized inspection and testing

    3. Inspection and Testing of Fire Sprinkler System and how often sprinkler system tests should be performed?Our fire sprinkler technicians will design and install a customized system that meets local.

    Additionally, we provide automatic reporting services that are also available for you and every part of the fire sprinkler system is tested as per NFPA & BIS regulations that include testing of all alarm and supervisory signals also.

    Maintenance of records electronically helps to follow up on deficiencies or corrections of fire sprinkler services.

    Some of our fire sprinkler testing services include:

    1. Testing full wet trip of dry pipe valves as required
    2. Lubrication of all OS&Y valves
    3. Testing of flow, tamper & pressure switches
    4. Visually inspect sprinkler systems
    5. Record static and residual main drain readings
    6. Fire department connections 

    Our fire sprinkler technicians will design and install a customized system that meets local and state regulations and most importantly, that will protect your life and property.

    4. Service and Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler System

    Necessary repairs and maintenance at fixed intervals of time help us to diagnose problems in the fire sprinkler system at office buildings & housing apartments that help to keep your sprinkler system working efficiently & effectively.

    We can provide tests of full flow, repair & maintenance of jockey, electric, and diesel fire pumps.

    We conduct physical checks to maintain the effectiveness of the fire sprinkler system. It includes:

    1. fire pump test
    2. Alarm system test
    3. Water flow test
    4. Trip tests of dry pipe
    5. Overflow
    6. Pre-action valves
    7. Manual call points (MCP)
    Service and Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler System

    Our fire safety solution technicians and engineers have vast industry experience so that they can ensure emergency repairs on time by eliminating high-cost repair & maintenance systems.

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