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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets ready to provide a safe and secure storehouse for fire extinguishers in a vast range of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications.

Perfect for both new and remodel establishment projects, our cabinets are available in surface-mounted, semi-recessed, and fully recessed manners that allow easy entry to the extinguisher and complete fire safety necessities and local building codes.

Models are available for general purpose indoor, fire-rated, heavy-duty, and outdoor installations and matched with our meet line of fire extinguishers, Stop First is your origin for fire protection.

Protect yourself and your building wisely with Damia Global Services. An extensive line of fire extinguisher cabinets and covers are available with us.

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    Why do you need a fire extinguisher cabinets?

    Fire extinguisher cabinets perform in saving and protect fire extinguishers and help a building’s occupants see them fast in an emergency. While other options exist for ensuring a fire extinguisher in a fixed location include hooks and mounting brackets—plastic fire extinguisher cabinets suggest an additional layer of safeguard.


    Choose high quality:

    Fire Cabinet Box

    Fire extinguisher cabinets are installed on walls to provide secure storage for fire safety equipment in schools, coaching academies, business offices, hotels, hospitals, and commercial spaces.

    It not only improves the visual appearance of your common areas but also limits the amount of wear and tear on the extinguishers.

    You can utilize these extinguisher cabinets due to their various advantages. Installation of fire security cabinets comes down to the specific needs of a building and according to the preferences of the property owner.

    1. A hose reel with axial supply.
    2. Hose reel attached to water supply tap.

    In exterior spaces and to protect your investment in fire safety equipment from weather, abuse, vandalism, and depreciation, fire safety cabinets are mostly required.

    Fire Hose Cabinet


    We provide custom-made fire extinguisher cabinets (any design, material like stainless steel, wood, aluminum, brass, or bronze).

    You can also purchase fire cabinet boxes from DGS that hold fire hoses in the same or separate cabinets and house fire valves.

    We offer a large selection of fire extinguishers cabinets and covers.

    Fire Extinguisher Cabinets in private accommodation have also been used to heighten the interior design of the home and may have added equipment like an automatic defibrillator.

    Damia Global Fire Protection Services accepts orders for all brands & types (custom, recessed, wall hanging) and sizes of fire extinguisher cabinets.

    fire cabinets

    1. Saves from Theft and Tampering

    DGS offers several fire extinguisher cabinets in different styles and sizes. Our fire cabinets are available from surface mounted to semi-recessed with optional alarms, locks, and key boxes, protecting extinguishers from tampering or theft so that they are present when you need them to keep your property & people safe.

    2. Avoid the Risk of Falling Extinguishers

    Fire Cabinets and fire hose boxes help you to eliminate the chances of the fire safety equipment & fire extinguishers falling off on the floor. If an extinguisher is bumped or touched by a person passing by, it may fall off the hanger and drop to the floor. It can damage the fire properties and fire extinguisher & fire hose replacement may emerge. Even, it may also damage the titles on the floor or may harm passerby’s foot or other parts of the body. So in these cases, we can help you to avoid certain situations with the use of security or fire cabinets.

    3. Accessing the Extinguisher During a Fire

    The cabinet panels should be designed in such a way that during the fire, the glass or plastic panel on the front face of the cabinet can be broken to access the fire extinguisher.
    We design the fire hose reel cabinet that it is breakable relatively easily and may shatter into safe pieces of glasses that will not harm or injure the person that is accessing the fire extinguisher.


    Fire extinguishers act as first aid or the best way to protect your office space, property, and your people. It is very beneficial in controlling small fire cases. At Damia Global Services we help others to install the best fire safety measures to protect precious lives and property with full-service best fire extinguisher services. If you are located anywhere in India. You can contact us anytime for:
    1. Extinguisher Scanning & Inspections
    2. Fire Extinguisher Training Classes
    3. Fire Hose Inspection & Replacement
    4. Fire Extinguisher Sales

    Pricing and Options

    We can provide a wide range of fire hose cabinets to meet your needs. To review every standard model that is available in Damia Global Services stock and their associated pricing.