What is a White Noise Machine?

A white noise machine is a device that has a random sound, which sounds like a rushing waterfall or wind blowing through big trees. Two kinds of white noise machines-those make real white noise and those that are recordings of white noise usually the ocean or waterfall sounds are produced. White Noise Machines are available in many forms, for a mixture of various uses, including white noise for tranquil rest, white noise machines for offices, and power-nap machines. Products may also make other gentle sounds, such as music, rain, wind, highway traffic and ocean waves combined with white noise.
Office White Noise – Open offices can be too quiet -where someone stepping by or the sound of the coffee brewing can be disturbing, or too noisy where the concentrations and construction noise can make it impossible to concentrate. Open offices can help from sound making systems because the added sound protects existing sounds in the area which causes workers small distracted and better productive.

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Home Office White Noise – White noise is especially useful to people with home offices that can be easily distracted by the discussions of their family members and friends. White noise machines for home can also help the person in their home office concentrate if they have a noisy train that goes by their home.


Damia Global Services knew official & commercial places require a comfortable level of silence. Employees come across hundreds of noise distractions throughout the day from the phone ringing, email notification alerts, text messaging, co-worker office discussions, and dozens of other disruptions.

Employees usually try to overcome the concerns by their own hands to eliminate background noises, usually by wearing headphones and having background music drown everything else out.

Distractions at the office can negatively affect the work environment due to unwanted disturbances. Thus, it results in less productivity, a higher absenteeism rate, and dissatisfied workers.

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Why do we need to install a sound masking system in a workplace or commercial setting?

A study by one of the companies found that open-plan workplaces that lack sound masking systems witness a 40 percent loss in productivity and a 27 percent increase in errors, especially in data entry tasks.

Employees can save money on new construction projects by installing a sound masking system. Work areas that require sound masking systems need less insulation and interior walls, less expensive ceiling tile, and lower partitions.

Installing a sound masking system in a workplace offers a tremendous return on investment due to the resulting increase in worker productivity, reduction in errors, and savings opportunity on construction projects.

Generally, a sound masking system is installed in commercial buildings, hospitals, banks, libraries, courts, and call centers.



White noise is a sound containing a combination of all the audible frequencies distributed equally over the range of the frequency band.

Damia Global Services provides the latest and most efficient white noise systems to reduce background office noises. Our office white noise systems are non-distracting and unnoticeable. With a neutral sound, they can increase concentration, increase worker efficiency and focus.

White noise office systems work by adding background noise to an environment to “mask” other noises. Unstructured sound or white noise provides undetectable sounds that drown out potential distractions.

DGS provides two different types of office white noise systems in India:

  • Personal white noise systems

We offer business-grade privacy for a particular work area. DGS personal systems determine specific areas, while also masking other distractions. The individual office white noise systems do not need personalized training to install.

  • Open-office white noise systems

We offer sound masking services for a centralized, open-space work environment with multiple offices or blocks. This setting provides a continuous and comfortable level of white noise management.

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