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Wireless Connectivity

We’re more than an in-building wireless business. We exist to serve connectivity requirements by providing innovative and seamless wireless networks. It use that methods by which networks, and business etc., installation establishments avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Establishing a wireless network is a costly investment and a site survey is essential to a successful deployment. Whether you are creating a new network from the ground up, or you are seeking to improve the performance of your current infrastructure, a wireless site survey will ensure optimum arrangement for your enterprise and users. Our trained engineers will map the areas of selected coverage and bring out physical wireless propagation tests to choose the best locations, configuration, and number of access points required to ensure 100% connectivity. In addition, they will also check the structure of the building to determine any potential sources of radio interference or safety risks.
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The report introduced by the engineer is used to design a solution that is insured to deliver the necessary coverage, data rates, and security as well as suggestions for hardware procurement, hardware placement, and ongoing maintenance, if you have not timescales, we also provide Predictive Site Suveys, which are e
If you are restricted by timescales, we also offer Predictive Site Surveys, which are installments purely on using floor plans and detailed drawings of your area. Our engineers will organize a digital model of the Wi-Fi environment with suggestions on the position & numeral of access points required.

The design & planning phases of any wired or wireless network project are the key to its highest success. The security of modern enterprise networks system has become a primary concern for many business enterprises. Creating a robust and secure network is essential for performance and resilience.
Once armed with the details from the Site Survey such as the physical, geographical, and environmental elements that can often hinder Wi-Fi coverage, our network design consultants can plan and design a wireless infrastructure that is right for you and meets your business requirements.
Networking solutions can maintain multiple advanced features which will enable you to present superior services to your users as well as supply you with creative ways to bring in earnings from your Wi-Fi network. Your network administrators will find that free up their time to deal with more important projects with our easy-to-use management tools.

Wireless Networking Services

Damia Global Services provides the implementation and installation of the best wireless connectivity solutions at reasonable prices to your organization’s needs.

With the rapid development of technological products, wireless networking has become a viable and cheap solution for every organization today. Every business needs a wireless solution to save cabling costs and better network connectivity for business needs. DGS provides you customize wireless solutions.

Wireless Networking Services