List of 5 Most Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems

List of 5 Most Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems

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List of 5 Most Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems

The Most Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Fires can be some of the most harmful situations for a home or business. You would be protected your home and business with fire suppression systems installation.

Fire can cause massive damage. We at Damia Global Services Pvt. Ltd. understand this very well. Hence, fire suppression systems can be of the best use to reduce the damage from fire. A fire suppression system is prepared in such a way so that it can easily manage the fire from extending further. The system acquires its name as it tries to keep back the fire and the damage that it might cause eventually.

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    Fire Suppression Systems

    An organization that is continuously concerned about protecting the lives of the residents as well as assets and equipment, in the event of a sudden fire, Damia Global services can be of great help for installing fire suppression systems. Our fire suppression system can promptly inform organizations about fire and smoke situations in the building. Once known, organizations can take the essential steps and mitigate the damage.

    DGS is here to offer you the efficient and reliable installation of fire suppression systems for your home or commercial establishments. Whether it is a CNC machine electrical panel for your hotel’s kitchen, we are prepared to handle your unique fire hazards.

    Why Do You Require a Fire Suppression System?

    1. Protection: A Suppression system can help your complete protection in any event of fire breakouts without damaging necessary documents or electrical and electronic equipment.
    2. Safety: Most features used in the fire suppression systems are safe for human beings, eco-friendly, and non-corrosive. The components do not leave any gas discharge once they used.
    3. Easy Clean-ups: To installation of the fire suppression systems does not create much mess, making the clean-up process a lot easier.
    4. Diminish Downtime: If you have the suppression system installed, you would not need much time to continue your business activities even after the fire incident as there will be no water damage to clean up.

    List of 5 Types of Fire Suppression System

    1. Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems

    One of the most typical fire protection systems uses water to crash out fires. You have likely seen sprinkler systems in many businesses and homes. Water is lodged in a reservoir and or 16+1 related to the water supply.

    The system notices the fire and spreads a water mist or heavier water level to put out the fire.The biggest benefits are it is an inexpensive in comparison to other types. And easy to replace, but it can also cause serious water damage and should not be use around electronics.

    water based

    2. Chemical Foam Suppression Systems

    One of the most familiar places for fire is start in the kitchen because of a cooking accident or hot grease. Chemical foam systems designed for these types of situations. They are established under cooking canopies and cause little damage and are comfortable to use.

    It is costlier than several other systems and needs pipe-work and fittings produced from stainless steel.

    3. Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube

    Fire Extinguisher are fire suppression devices, but they are manual use only. The pneumatic heat detection tube is an extinguisher with a fire detection system. Once the temperature gets a certain level, it blows a little hole in the pipe, and the extinguisher foam puts out the fire.

    It is an affordable method and smoothly installed, but it is only useful on small fires. It is also small and easily transported to another location.

    4. Pressurized Gas System

    With a pressurized gas system, the gas is held as a liquid under pressure using liquid nitrogen. When a fire noticed, the system removes the gas, and it has a chemical response with the fire to extinguish it.

    It is an ideal for server rooms and other locations with high-end electronics. It is close since the gas is under pressure, and it is not cause an oxygen reduction. It is an influential firefighting technology.

    5. Foam Deluge Systems

    A foam deluge system can use in that areas where water suppression not possible such as transformers and oil tanks. When a fire caught, water combines with the foam to extend it and fire. It is perfect for outdoor areas, but it creates a large mess that needs clean-up.

    Pressurized Gas System

    What Suppression System Is Right for You?

    Damia Global Services has a wide selection of fire suppression systems for you to select them. We can find the perfect fire suppression system that suits your needs and budget. Don’t have to risk your business or home with a bargain-basement suppression system.

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