Is fire NOC (No Objection Certification for Fire) mandatory in Haryana?

Is fire NOC (No Objection Certification for Fire) mandatory in Haryana?

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Is fire NOC (No Objection Certification for Fire) mandatory in Haryana?

Under the Haryana Fire Service Act, 2009, Fire NOC (No-Objection certification) is mandatory to obtain a building plan approval from the Haryana Urban Development Authority. Any individual offering to make a building more than 15 meters in height for commercial or business purposes has to apply for the approval of the building plan before the commencement of the construction in Haryana. The authorization issue is in the form of a license.

Haryana Urban Local Bodies Department issues fire licenses or Fire NOC to confirm the agreement of requirements of fire safety measures of premises. In this article, we give detail on the procedure for obtaining a Haryana fire license.

Need Fire License

Get a fire license following conditions:

  • A fire license must seek a trade license or occupancy certificate from the civic body in the state for anyone.
  • A fire license is vital to bring out businesses and trading, as recorded under the Department of State tragedy and fire services.
  • A fire license is mandated to verify that a building is resistant or to observe any fire-related mishap.

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    Fire License Validity

    The fire license or fire NOC (No-Objection Certificate) is valid for one year from the issue date and also has to be renewed every year.

    Processing Time

    The entire processing time for Fire NOC (No-Objection certificate) or Fire License completes within 15 to 20 days from the date of application.

    How to download Fire NOC online in Haryana?

    Online Application Procedure for Fire License

    Applicants can apply online for a fire license or fire NOC in Haryana by following the steps:

    Visit Official Portal

    Step 1: Visit the official portal of the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Haryana Department.

    Step 2: Click on the “Apply for Fire NOC ” option from the online services, which is visual on the homepage.


    Step 3: On the following page, select “Click here to apply” for the online application.

    Step 4: After clicking, the online form will appear on the next screen.

    Application form for Fire NOC (No-Objection Certificate)

    Step 5: The applicant has to fill out the form with the relevant details.

    • Application type
    • Details related to the approval of the firefighting scheme
    • Building details
    • Tower or block details
    • Basement details
    • Applicant details


    Step 6: After filling in the specified information, the applicant uploads the document along with the application form and then clicks on the” Save” button.

    Step 7: Upon submission of the NOC application or fire license, the applicant will receive a declaration receipt as confirmation.


    Note: Once the applicant applies, the process of NOC carry out by the department to grant Fire No Objection Certificate.

    Document Verification

    Step 8: The Registrar of the concerned Municipal Committee reviews the documents along with the application submitted online.

    Step 9: In any discrepancy found in the application or documents, the application is put on hold with intimation to the applicant for resubmitting the updated reports.

    Step 10: After resubmitting the Fire NOC application, the applicant, the application, and documents are forwarded to the Assistant Divisional Fire Office of the concerned Municipal Committee.

    Uploading Inspection Report of Applicant

    Step 11: The Assistant Divisional Fire Officer will go to the unit, check out the fire equipment that the applicant presented, and upload the inspection report to the company’s website.

    Step 12: After that, the application will be sent to the Deputy Commissioner of Districts or the Commissioner of Municipal Corporations for final approval.

    Step 13: An application ID will be generated after approval. You can download the Fire NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the webpage.

    Download Fire License

    The user can download the Fire NOC (No Objection Certificate) by revisiting the official portal.

    Step 1: Click on “Verification of Certificate

    Step 2: Now enter the essential details like a

    • Application type
    • Applicant name
    • Application ID
    • Mobile number

    After entering the details, the applicant will obtain an OTP to the registered mobile number.

    Step 3: Enter the OTP to consider the status of your certificate.

    Step 4: On approving the application, download the digitally signed certificate by clicking on the “Print Certificate” button.

    How do I get up fire NOC?

    All infrastructural facilities and buildings have to get the requisite clearance from the concerned state authority in India. It is important to secure the NOC from Fire Department for a building or infrastructural facility to comply with the requirements of the law. Without NOC, an establishment cannot operate properly.

    Package inclusions:

    • Procedure for securing NOC from Fire Department
    • Documents required for Fire Safety NOC
    • Liaising with the state authorities to secure NOC
    • End-to-End Processing

    NOC from Fire Department – An Overview

    It is mandatory to secure NOC from the fire department to comply with the requirements of the relevant state authority. Due to the amount of flexibility in the legal system, a lot of conveyancing occurs which increases the number of purchased properties in India directly. Purchases of commercial vehicles have increased over time as well. However, neither the property owner nor the landlord takes the necessary steps to guarantee continued adherence to the Fire Department NOC.

    The government of India has brought out different measures to ensure that every building is ready for occupancy and secures this form of NOC from Fire Department.

    The responsible authorities will carry out a thorough examination process before issuing this certificate. These methods would guarantee that the structure complies with fire safety regulations. After confirming the applicant’s multi-story business or residential building, the fire department grants the NOC. Any form of an apartment or multi-story building which is more than 15 meters to compulsorily secure the NOC from the Fire Department before carrying out any form of operations.

    Usually, the fire safety certificate has verified the requirements of the building. After this, an audit is carried out to ensure that compliance is maintained. Such an audit is required to ensure that there are proper safety compliances concerning avoiding fires and other forms of situations. It will include ventilation in the building, and availability of fire hydrants, fire hoses, and water functioning systems to ensure compliance is maintained.

    How to Get NOC from Fire Department?

    The following steps to get a NOC from the fire department:

    • There are two modes of application for NOC clearance the offline mode and the online mode.
    • If the state authority mandates that applicants use the online option, the applicant would first and foremost go online. However, there is an offline mode that the applicant can use. All documentation must be submitted with the application and fees must be paid online if the applicant employs the online mode.
    • The applicant can also choose to utilize the offline mode. If using the offline mode, then the applicant would have to apply in person to the Chief Fire Officer or the Fire Service Department for obtaining the fire clearance certificate.
    • The following documents have to be submitted.
    • Building Plan Layout or Blue Print Concerning the Suggested Construction of the Premises.
    • The site Plan includes the analysis report of the property
    • Model of Building
    • Checklist prepared by the architect
    • Aadhaar Copy
    • PAN card of the applicant
    • Photographs of the Full Building
    • Outside Photographs of the Building
    • Information related to the wiring of the building
    • Any other type of analysis relating to fire safety compliance that the certified officer requests.
    • Once the documents are received the Chief Fire Officer would verify them. After such documents are verified, they would be forwarded to the chief officer of the concerned state authority where the jurisdiction exists.
    • The inspector or the chief officer would visit the premises to carry out a report related to the fire safety audit for the premises. After this step, the Chief Inspector of the Fire Brigade would issue a NOC for the premises if all the measures related to fire safety compliance have been followed.
    • Once the NOC from the fire department is provided the same would be valid for a particular period.

    Renewal of NOC

    The applicant would need to reapply for the NOC once it expired. For the Fire Department’s NOC to be renewed, the following procedures must be taken into account:

    • If the first NOC application was submitted online, the renewal application must likewise be submitted online. But if the NOC application was submitted offline, the renewal application must likewise be submitted offline. The applicant would have to submit a renewal application in the same way.
    • A statement from the applicant stating that they have completed all required electric installations must be included with this renewal application form.
    • If there is a delay in making a renewal application, the following charges have to be paid by the applicant:
    • No charges would be levied between 0 to 7 days of delay
    • Charges of Rs.5 / day have to be paid by the applicant when a 7-16 days delay
    • More than Rs.15 per day has to be paid when the delay is more than 15 days by the applicant for such delay.
    • However, the penalty payable by the applicant would depend on the state-wise conditions.

    Documents Required for NOC from Fire Department

    Every state authority has prescribed some form of documents that have to be submitted to the Fire Service Authority. However, the following documents have to be mandatorily in every state:

    • The site Plan includes the analysis report of the property
    • Model of Building
    • Registered office address of the business
    • Fire Compliance Certificate
    • The checklist is prepared by the architect
    • Aadhaar Copy
    • PAN card of the applicant
    • Photographs of the Full Building
    • Outside Photographs of the Building
    • Information related to the wiring of the building
    • Any other type of analysis relating to fire safety compliance that the certified officer requests.

    How much is fire NOC in Haryana?

    Application for New Fire Fighting Scheme

    Licenses/NOCs Statistics.

    • Licenses/NOCs Applied to the Industries: (3820)
    • Cleared: (2865)
    • Rejected 🙁869)
    • Requests Pending 🙁86)

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