Top 10 EPC Companies in India 2022

Top 10 EPC Companies in India 2022

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Top 10 EPC Companies in India

EPC stands for Engineering, procurement, and construction. In simple words, an EPC companies in India is that design, supply and execute the project as per the client’s need. India has been growing at a great pace and has offered many national and multinational brands to invest in India to cater to the second-largest populated country in the world.

Building up the complete setup for any industry is not an easy job. But many industries are ready to start production as early as possible and do not want to waste time and money doing an unfamiliar project job.

Therefore, they hire experts who can provide a quality project and complete set up including design, procurement, and construction on time. These companies are known as EPC Company. 

Many EPC Companies in India are working as EPC Contractors. We provide you with a list of top EPC companies in India, which are the best in the field of EPC, in the field of power, construction, road, real estate, industrial construction, electrical oil & gas, construction, metals, and mechanicals.

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    Here are the List of Top 10 EPC Companies in India

    Top 10 EPC Company in India
    Top 10 EPC Company in India 1

    DAMIA GLOBAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is an engineering, Procurement, and Construction Private Limited Company, providing LSTK / EPC project execution solutions for various core industrial sectors. We also offer to be the solution provider for the part of EPC execution.

    At Damia Global Services, we believe that the ultimate success of any project hinges primarily on the quality of the people involved. We made recruiting and retaining talented personnel a corporate priority.


    • EPC capabilities and EPC responsibility
    • Discipline and activities
    • Modalities for the execution of project activities

    2. Softcon company

    The majority of businesses in the nation are already utilizing solar technology, which is a tried-and-true method for lowering electricity costs. In Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and more than 200 locations of leading corporations, Sunshot has erected rooftop solar systems.

    Pune Railway Station (160 kWp), Maharashtra and Nampally Station (230 kWp), Hyderabad, and Mumbai International Airport (4.6 MWp) are among the rooftop solar power plants that Sunshot is pleased to build.

    As the first business in the nation to 3D print rooftop structure prototypes, Sunshot ensures individualized snugly fitting constructions to reduce vibrations and prevent long-term damage to PV modules. 
    The business also has a unique cutting-edge Cloud-Based IoT Platform for data-driven Operation & Maintenance of the power plant.

    Industrial Sector


    3. Suroj company

    As one of the EPC companies in india in India, SUROJ BUILDCON PVT. LTD. serves a wide range of reputable MNCs and Indian conglomerate clients. 
    SUROJ is the result of diligence, tenacity, and morality. Our adventure, which started in a small office, now has a strong staff on a nationwide level. For us, greatness is a habit, and we constantly aim to improve.

    We are a business with an outstanding track record of competence in the sector and a strong ethical compass. Our demonstrated competence has allowed us to complete a staggering amount of projects totaling millions of square meters over the last 20 years.

    We are present in a number of industries, including the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, automotive, heavy engineering, warehousing, restoration, and institutional sectors. SUROJ is also registered as a Class I-A Contractor in the Government sector.


    4. Vascon

    Vascon’s main line of business has been EPC ever since the company was founded in 1986. (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction). After more than 30 years in business, the Company has an amazing list of accomplishments to its credit, both for its projects and those of other parties.

    From vast industries and cutting-edge medical facilities to glitzy hotels and shopping centers, classy office and residential buildings, and soaring IT parks and colleges. The cityscape is filled with evidence of Vascon’s skills.

    Over 200 projects totaling more than 50 million square feet have been completed by the company. ft. and entered government contracts as well, delivering consistently high standards and prompt project completion. Clients’ repeated orders speak volumes about the value offered.


    5. Fabtech company:

    For the sugar, chemical, and oil & gas industries, Fabtech is a top provider of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services. We combine our skills in design, production, and project management to complete turnkey projects that are affordable, dependable, and tailored to the requirements of our clients.
    We offer a variety of products to greenfield and brownfield projects across the nation in addition to our extensive EPC services.

    We are one of the few businesses in India’s oil and gas EPC projects market that is expanding dramatically.


    6. Arya engineers:

    The company Arya Engineers holds an ISO 9001-2008 certification. As a company specializing in piping design engineering, we were founded in 1997. Within a short period, we expanded to provide services in the process, of civil/structural, instrumentation, and mechanical engineering. As a consultancy, we now provide total solutions for all of your engineering needs.

    FEED/Basic Engineering, LSTK (Turnkey), EPCM, Detailed Engineering, Site Assistance, and other services are among those we provide. We are Armstrong International Private Limited’s Official Channel Partners. Ltd. for pressure/temperature controls, condensate recovery systems, and hot water systems. We are situated in India and provide services all around the world.


    7. Equinox India:

    As part of its engineering services, Equinox EPC Engineering (India) Pvt Ltd (Equinox India) offers feasibility studies, conceptual engineering, detailed design, project management, procurement, construction management, commissioning, and startup, as well as operations and maintenance support. We carry out sustaining capital and operations engineering projects as well as larger capital projects with total installation costs up to $500 MM.

    Equinox India also provides great, economical engineering, design drafting, and 3D modeling services for both new construction and renovation projects. We are dedicated to completing projects to the utmost pleasure of our clients and uphold incredibly high standards for quality and safety. The Equinox Group of Companies includes Equinox India, which has its headquarters in India (headquartered in Calgary, Canada).


    8. Shapoorji pallon Ji

    Shapoorji Pallonji Engineering Procurement and Construction provide turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solutions in the field of power, metals and minerals, industrial solutions & special projects such as defense and chemical plants in Indian and several global markets.

    World-class turnkey solutions – EPC Companies in India

    With its proven engineering expertise and exemplary organizational infrastructure, our EPC solutions include overseeing every project end-to-end, right from conception to its implementation.


    9. Simon India

    The Adventz Group offers a number of reputable and well-known businesses in addition to a remarkable synergy of human ability, demonstrated technological know-how, and established financial prowess across several industries. The late Dr. K. K. Birla’s goal and vision served as inspiration for this captivating tale of the passion and dedication of each member of the Adventz family.

    In 1995, Zuari Industries Limited (now Zuari Global Limited) and Simon Carves of the United Kingdom established Simon India Limited as a 50:50 Joint Venture Company with the goal of offering EPC and Project Management services to process industries. Since 2003, Simon India Limited has been a 100% subsidiary of Simon Carves, UK, which sold its whole stake to Zuari Industries Limited.


    10. Sunshot

    Most businesses in the nation are already utilizing solar technology, which has been shown to save electricity costs. At over 200 locations of leading corporations in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra, Sunshot has so far erected rooftop solar plants.

    Mumbai International Airport (4.6 MWp), Bangalore International Airport (3.35 MWp), Pune Railway Station (160 kWp), Maharashtra and Nampally Station (230 kWp), and Hyderabad are among the rooftop solar power plants that Sunshot is delighted to build.

    In order to assure individualized snugly fitting structures to limit vibrations and prevent long-term damage to PV modules, Sunshot is the first company in the nation to 3D print rooftop structure prototypes.

    Additionally, the business has its own cutting-edge Cloud-Based IoT Platform for data-driven Operation & Maintenance of the power plants.


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